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Ricardo SIGNES
Email::MIME::Kit - build messages from templates
Email::MIME::Kit::Assembler::Standard - the standard kit assembler
Email::MIME::Kit::KitReader::Dir - read kit entries out of a directory
Email::MIME::Kit::ManifestReader::JSON - read manifest.json files
Email::MIME::Kit::ManifestReader::YAML - read manifest.yaml files
Email::MIME::Kit::Renderer::TestRenderer - extremely simple renderer for testing purposes only
Email::MIME::Kit::Role::Assembler - things that assemble messages (or parts)
Email::MIME::Kit::Role::Component - things that are kit components
Email::MIME::Kit::Role::KitReader - things that can read kit contents
Email::MIME::Kit::Role::ManifestDesugarer - helper for desugaring manifests
Email::MIME::Kit::Role::ManifestReader - things that read kit manifests
Email::MIME::Kit::Role::Renderer - things that render templates into contents
Email::MIME::Kit::Role::Validator - things that validate assembly parameters
Changes for version 2.102014
    • break a circular reference in the assembler (thanks, Charlie Garrison)

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