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Torsten Raudssus
escort - client for managing local or remote private CPAN repositories
Escort - Base class for an escort managed repository
Escort::App - Base class for the command line application
Escort::Cmd - Role for commands of escort
Escort::Cmd::Add - Simple command to add given distributions
Escort::Cmd::Get - Get a specific distribution version (fetched via MetaCPAN)
Escort::Cmd::Server - Command for starting an independent webserver to use the repositories
Escort::Cmd::Surveyor - [BETA] Command for getting packages from a given library directory
Escort::Cmd::Sync - Command for syncing to remote targets
Escort::Config - Config loading class
Escort::SeatCmd - Role for commands which add distributions
Escort::Sync - Role for sync target types
Escort::Sync::SSH - Syncing to a remote SSH target
Escort::Web - Web::Simple Web application for escort server

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