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Graham Knop
tinyrepl - Tiny REPL
Eval::WithLexicals - pure perl eval with persistent lexical variables
Eval::WithLexicals::WithHintPersistence - Persist compile hints between evals UNAUTHORIZED
Eval::WithLexicals::Util in lib/Eval/WithLexicals.pm
Eval::WithLexicals::VarScope in lib/Eval/WithLexicals.pm
Changes for version 1.003000
    • Add documentation to tinyrepl script
    • Convert packaging to use Distar
    • Minor pod cleanups
    • Ensure hints testing works correctly, even under abnormal environment variables (RT#81479)
    • Correct hints test to run under perl 5.8 (RT#72766)
    • Also preserve active warnings when using HintPersistence plugin

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