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Ricardo SIGNES
Exception::Reporter - a generic exception-reporting object
Exception::Reporter::Dumpable::File - a dumpable object for a file on disk
Exception::Reporter::Dumper - something that dumps values into records
Exception::Reporter::Dumper::YAML - a dumper to turn any scalar value into a plaintext YAML record
Exception::Reporter::Sender - a thing that sends exception reports
Exception::Reporter::Sender::Email - a report sender that sends detailed dumps via email
Exception::Reporter::Summarizer - a thing that summarizes dumpables for reporting
Exception::Reporter::Summarizer::Email - a summarizer for Email::Simple objects
Exception::Reporter::Summarizer::ExceptionClass - a summarizer for Exception::Class exceptions
Exception::Reporter::Summarizer::Fallback - a summarizer for stuff you couldn't deal with otherwise
Exception::Reporter::Summarizer::File - a summarizer for a File object
Exception::Reporter::Summarizer::Text - a summarizer for plain text strings
Changes for version 0.012
    • YAML dumper now uses YAML::XS, as previous bugs (see 0.003) are, I think, fixed now; on the other hand, there were some crazy B-related bugs in 5.16 and later

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