package RTx::Shredder::Exception;

use warnings;
use strict;

use Exception::Class;
use base qw(Exception::Class::Base);


#sub NoRefs { return 0 }
sub show_trace { return 1 }

package RTx::Shredder::Exception::Info;

use base qw(RTx::Shredder::Exception);

    DependenciesLimit => <<END,
Dependecies list have reached its limit.
See \$RT::DependenciesLimit in RTx::Shredder docs.

    SystemObject => <<END,
System object was requested for deletion, shredder couldn't
do that because system would be unusable than.

    CouldntLoadObject => <<END,
Shredder couldn't load object. Most probably it's not fatal error.
May be you've used Objects plugin and asked to delete object that
doesn't exist in the system. If you think that your request was
correct and it's problem of the Shredder then you can get full error
message from RT log files and send bug report.


sub full_message {
    my $self = shift;
    my $error = $self->message;
    return $DESCRIPTION{$error} || $error;

sub show_trace { return 0 }