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Tomas Doran
FCGI::Engine - A flexible engine for running FCGI-based applications
FCGI::Engine::Core - A base class for various FCGI::Engine flavors
FCGI::Engine::Manager - Manage multiple FCGI::Engine instances
FCGI::Engine::Manager::Server - An abstraction to represent a single FCGI::Engine server
FCGI::Engine::Manager::Server::FreeBSD6 - A subclass of FCGI::Engine::Manager::Server specific to FreeBSD 6.*
FCGI::Engine::Manager::Server::Plackup - A subclass of FCGI::Engine::Manager::Server for Plack apps
FCGI::Engine::PSGI - Run PSGI applications with FCGI::Engine
FCGI::Engine::ProcManager - module for managing FastCGI applications.
FCGI::Engine::ProcManager::Constrained - FastCGI applications with memory and number of request limits.
FCGI::Engine::Types - Type constraints for FCGI::Engine
Plack::Handler::FCGI::Engine - A Plack::Handler backend for FCGI::Engine
Plack::Handler::FCGI::Engine::ProcManager - A process manager for Plack::Handler::FCGI::Engine
Plack::Server::FCGI::Engine - DEPRECATED use Plack::Handler::FCGI::Engine
Plack::Server::FCGI::Engine::ProcManager - DEPRECATED use Plack::Handler::FCGI::Engine::ProcManager
Changes for version 0.21
    • Fix RT#83636 by correctly importing the Config module.

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