Revision history for Perl extension Business-BR-Ids.

0.0022  Tue Jul  1 2008
        - promoted to a "stable" release

0.00_21 Mon Sep 17 2007
        - fixed t/002_cpf_test.t and t/015_pis_rand.t
          which did "BEGIN { use_ok }" before setting
          the plan

0.00_20 Tue Aug  7 2007
        - 11 in 27 states supported in Business::BR::IE
        - added support for IE/BA

0.00_19 Sat Jul 28 2007
        - 10 in 27 states (37.0%) supported in Business::BR::IE
        - added support for IE-AM

0.00_18 Sat Jul 28 2007
        - 9 in 27 states (33.3%) supported in Business::BR::IE
        - added support for IE-MG

0.00_17 Tue May 16 2005 (unreleased)
        - 8 in 27 states (29.6%) supported in Business::BR::IE
        - added support for IE-AP

0.00_16 Wed Oct 26 2005
        - in canon_*(), instead of stripping all non-digits,
          alphanumeric characters are preserved
        - canon_ie_*() for each of the 27 states (untested)

0.00_15 Wed Oct 26 2005
        - 7 in 27 states (25.9%) supported in Business::BR::IE
        - added support for IE-RO

0.00_14 Tue Oct 25 2005
        - the check equation for IE-AL was wrong: this
          releases fixes the bug - the problem was
          test sample too small

0.00_13 Wed Oct 19 2005
        - one more id: the PIS number
        - new files: "lib/Business/BR/" and two tests "t/*_pis_*.t"

0.00_12 Tue Aug 11 2005
        - added support for IE-RR
        - Scalar::Util 1.11 is needed (this is the
          release which introduces "looks_like_number")

0.00_11 Tue Aug 09 2005
        - added support for IE-MA

0.00_10 Sun Jul 17 2005
        - 4 in 27 states (14.8%) supported in Business::BR::IE
        - added support for IE-AL
        - "t/001_dot.t" now works for other Perls < 5.008
        - _dot now deals with untrue's avoiding
          to do a computation which would throw
          a warning
        - _flatten in Business::BR::Ids::Common 
          renamed to _canon_i
        - references to 'flatten' renamed to 'canon'
        - test, flatten, parse, format, random in
          Business::BR::Ids renamed to test_id,
          flatten_id, parse_id, format_id, random_id:
          no more issues with clash with core 'format'
          and functions names are better: not so 
          general and yet short

0.00_09 Sat Jul 16 2005
        - new test script "t/014_ie_parse.t"
        - parse_ie() in Business::BR:IE
        - tests added for IE-AC (test, flatten, format,
        - support for IE-AC (Acre)
        - fixed a typo in Business::BR::Biz
        - "t/007_ids_test.t" now includes testing IE
        - pale additions to Business::BR::Ids docs

0.00_08 Sat Jul 16 2005
        - 0.00_07 was not indexed by CPAN: maybe it was 
          because of files that changed but didn't have
          their versions incremented
        - the bug below was fixed by explicit "scalar" conversions
        - a bug slipped when semantics of _dv_*() changed,
          allowing to reduce the code of random_*(). But then, instead
          of knowing only about scalar context,  random_*()
          returned the check digits on list context (like in
          "print random_cnpj()"

0.00_07 Fri Jul 15 2005
        - the IE functions were made case-insensitive ('MG' works
          the same as 'mg')
        - added IE handling for PR state (test, flatten, format,
          random, and parse)
        - introduced _flatten in Business::BR::Ids::Common,
          avoiding the redundant code of the various flatten_*()
        - changed semantics of calling _dv_*() in scalar context -
          instead of returning a concatenation of the check digits,
          it returns a complete entity with check digits in
          (in IE-SP the check digits are the ninth and 12nd -
          so that the concatenation of check digits is good for nothing)

0.00_06 Thu Jul 14 2005
        - added tests for Business::BR::IE
        - added IE handling for SP state (test, flatten,
          format, and random)

0.00_05 Fri Jun 10 2005
        - Deprecates Business::BR::Biz (waiting for the move
          of its content somewhere else)
        - README file revised
        - first revision to POD in Business::BR::CNPJ
        - new test "t/009_cnpj_rand.t"
        - random_cnpj() in Business::BR::CNPJ
        - test scripts renamed (eg. "t/dot.t" to "t/001_dot.t")
        - random() in Business::BR::Ids
        - new test "t/008_cpf_rand.t"
        - random_cpf() in Business::BR::CPF
        - introduced flatten() and parse() to Business::BR::Ids
          with a small refactoring avoiding redundant code
        - fixed synopsis of Business::BR::Ids
        - test for _dot() with @a < @b now works for $] < 5.8
        - fixed broken links at Business::BR, I hope

0.00_04 Thu Jun 9 2005
        - I thought about letting MakeMaker generate META.yml automatically 
          again - but it does not generate the 'author' and 'licence' keys
          which CPAN uses - so I insist on that
        - distribution renamed to Business-BR-Ids reflecting
          the orientation of this set of files to deal with
          identification codes (CPF, CNPJ for now)
        - added test "t/ids_test.t"
        - added Business::BR::Ids as a generic entry point
          for dealing with Brazilian identification entities

0.00_03 Wed Jun 8 2005
        - tests "t/*_cpf.t" renamed to "t/cpf_*.t"
        - added new module Business::BR::CNPJ but POD is not finished
          and tests aren't provided (except for a partial "t/cnpj_test.t")
        - the heart of the distribution goes to Business::BR::Biz
        - "_dot" goes to Business::BR::Biz::Common
        - the ABSTRACT fix of the previous version was not enough
          for correct CPAN display - now using a META.yml with 'abstract' key
        - Adam Kennedy pointed that the general CPAN convention 
          for naming distributions would suggest Business-BR instead of biz-br:
          I would like to stick to this distribution name to mean
          a partial bundle of Business::BR::* modules I will be authoring

0.00_02 Tue Jun 7 2005
        - fixed the missing ABSTRACT
        - added flatten_cpf(), format_cpf(), parse_cpf() to Business::BR::CPF
        - added corresponding tests

0.00_01 Tue Jun 7 2005
        - Business::BR::CPF provides test_cpf()
        - submitted to CPAN 

0.01  Tue Jun  7 08:06:16 2005
        - original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
                -AX -n biz-br