TODO file for DateTime::Incomplete

- Add new methods from DateTime

- truncate( to => 'week' )

- test Storable hooks

    perl -Ilib -MStorable -MDateTime::Incomplete -MData::Dumper -e '$dt=DateTime->new(year=>1970);$dti=DateTime::Incomplete->new( year => 2003, base=>$dt, time_zone => "America/Chicago" );$freeze = Storable::nfreeze( $dti );print "$freeze\n"; '

- more tests for next/previous/closest with year and nanosecond
- use $FIELDS[0] instead of 'year'; $FIELDS[-2] instead of nanosecond
- change @FIELDS to a "class" constant (instead of "package")

- locale and time_zone tests:
  mixing string and object time_zones;
  time_zone-only and locale-only DT::I objects.


* 'undef_char' could be configurable.

* add_datetime

Just like to_datetime, but adds the field values.

* compare

or is that simply not defined?

* join( $dti )

join the "defined" keys of two DT::Incomplete objects

* set_week

$dti->set( week => 10 )

* is_incomplete/is_complete

How do we know it is complete?