++ed by:
Author image Adam J. Foxson
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.03

  • improved documentation and included serialization example
  • error() renamed to errstr()
  • errstr() now supports class-based errors
  • removed archname() method
  • removed osname() method
  • removed osvers() method
  • repurposed config() method
  • config determination now occurs automatically at the constructor
  • local configuration is no longer represented as the output from Config::myconfig() - each major config is split out and distinct
  • constructor now sets errstr and returns undef on failure
  • RFC 2822 compliance regex no longer assembled on a per-object basis
  • validate() added - ensures from/grade/dist are valid
  • many more tests added - over 97% test coverage now! =)


Creates CPAN Testers test-report objects