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Changes for version 1.30

  • Public release of all activity against 1.29_0* (see below)
  • Additionally, updated some documentation and added more tests

Changes for version 1.29_04

  • Added t/0-signature.t to test the SIGNATURE
  • Renamed t/reporter.t to t/1-reporter.t
  • Adjusted Makefile.PL to support dist-time signing

Changes for version 1.29_03

  • We now explicitly specify the license (same terms as perl itself) in the Makefile.PL, which eventually makes it into the auto-generated META.yml

Changes for version 1.29_02

  • Fixed a portability bug in t/reporter.t. Reported by David Golden. See 6@Google for more information

Changes for version 1.29_01

  • Switched from RT to Google Code for defect and enhancement tracking. Please visit: http://code.google.com/p/test-reporter/
  • warnings enabled for Reporter.pm
  • TODO file removed; moved to POD
  • MacPerl (i.e., pre OS X) support dropped for Test::Reporter
  • MacPerl (i.e., pre OS X) support dropped for cpantest
  • Incorporated suggestion from MIROD; add documentation to describe what a package should look like (14376)
  • Incorporated patch from SAPER; compatibility for write() under 5.004 (14148)
  • Incorporated suggestion from CLACO; updated MX for perl.org (11370)
  • Incorporated suggestion from an anonymous individual: when an MX connection failure occurs, show the failing MX server, if debugging is on (14626)
  • Changes indentation style of code from tabs to spaces
  • Added Id and HeadURL subversion tokens
  • Removed dependencies on Date::Format and Time::Zone
  • Unbundled Mail::Util; Now integrated into Reporter.pm
  • Incorporated patch from MIROD; support for reporting tests on non-standard versions of perl (14375)
  • Added more tests to the T::R test suite (more than doubled quantity)
  • We now refuse to report results against perl itself; use perlbug
  • Added Message-IDs to emails sent via SMTP per tom at eborcom dot com


Report test results of a package retrieved from CPAN


sends test results to cpan-testers@perl.org