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Audio::XMMSClient - Interface to the xmms2 music player
Audio::XMMSClient::Playlist - Playlists for Audio::XMMSClient
Audio::XMMSClient::Result - Results of Audio::XMMSClient operations
Audio::XMMSClient in pm/XMMSClient.pm
Audio::XMMSClient::Collection in pm/XMMSClient/Collection.pm
Audio::XMMSClient::Glib in pm/XMMSClient/Glib.pm
Audio::XMMSClient::Playlist::Sync in pm/XMMSClient/Sync.pm
Audio::XMMSClient::Sync in pm/XMMSClient/Sync.pm
Changes for version 0.03
    • Sync with xmms2 HEAD.
    • Compiles against xmms2 0.2DrJekyll.

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