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Changes for version 5.80003

  • Various POD tweaks. (hdp, dandv)
  • Fix formatting error in the regex fallback warning. (rafl)
  • Convert the dispatcher's and restarter engine's BUILD method to attribute builders to not override the BUILD method from MooseX::Emulate::Class::Accessor::Fast. (rafl)
  • Fix classes without metaclasses restarting, when not using B::Hooks::OP::Check::StashChange (t0m)
  • Fix the unattached chain debug table for endpoints with no parents at all. (rafl)
  • Turn of test aggregation by default. Only aggregate if the AGGREGATE_TESTS environment variable is set and a recent Test::Aggregate is available. (rafl)
  • Bump to MooseX::MethodAttributes 0.09, to gain the get_nearest_methods_with_attributes method allowing methods without attributes in a subclass to override those with attributes in a superclass. This fixes CatalystX::CRUD's method of overriding / disabling functionality from base controllers. (t0m)
  • Bump HTTP::Request::AsCGI dependency to avoid broken version (t0m)
  • Bump Moose dependency to latest version to fix metaclass incompatibility issues in some cases. (t0m)
  • Additional tests for setup_stats method. (t0m)
  • Fix log levels in Catalyst::Log to be properly additive. (t0m)
  • Fix RT#43375 by sorting results before testing them (t0m)
  • Fixes for uri_for_action when using Catalyst::DispatchType::Regex
  • Partial rewrite and reoganisation of the C3 docs in Catalyst::Upgrading based on feedback from kiffin (t0m)
  • If you make your application class immutable and turn off constructor inlining, Catalyst will die and tell you pass the (replace_constructor => 1) argument to make_immutable. (Dave Rolsky)
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