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Changes for version 5.80008

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fix replace_constructor warning to actually work if you make your application class immutable without that option.
    • Depend on Module::Pluggable 3.9 to prevent a bug wherein components in inner packages might not be registered. This especially affected tests.
    • Catalyst::Engine::FastCGI - relax the check for versions of Microsoft IIS. Provides compatibility with Windows 2008 R2 as well as (hopefully) future versions.
    • In tests which depend on the values of environment variables, localise the environment, then delete only relevant environment variables (RT#48555)
    • Fix issue with Engine::HTTP not sending headers properly in some cases (RT#48623)
    • Make Catalyst::Engine write at least once when finalizing the response body from a filehandle, even if the write is empty. This avoids fail when trying to send out an empty response body from a filehandle.
    • Catalyst::Engine::HTTP - Accept a fully qualified absolute URI in the Request-URI of the Request-Line
  • Refactoring / cleanups:
    • Deleted the Restarter engine and its Watcher code. Use the new Catalyst::Restarter in a recent Catalyst::Devel instead.
    • New unit test for Catalyst::Action 'unit_core_action.t'
    • Bump minimum supported perl version from 5.8.1 to 5.8.6 as there are known issues with 5.8.3, and nobody is prepared to fix / support perl older than 5.8.6 any more. Patches to regain compatibility to older perls would be welcome.
    • Debug output uses dynamic column sizing to create more readable output when using a larger $ENV{COLUMNS} setting. (groditi)
  • New features:
    • Added private_path method for Catalyst::Action
    • Allow uri_for($controller_instance) which will produce a URI for the controller namespace
    • Break setup_components into two more parts: locate_components and expand_component_module (rjbs)
    • Allow Components to return anon classed from their COMPONENT method correctly, and have action registration work on Controllers returned as such by adding a catalyst_component_name accessor for all components which returns the component instance's name to be used when building actions etc.
    • Adding X-Forwarded-Port to allow the frontend proxy to dictate the frontend port (jshirley)
    • Added Catalyst::Stats->created accessor for the time at the start of the request.
  • Documentation:
    • Fix POD to refer to ->config(key => $val), rather than ->config->{key} = $val, as the latter form is deprecated.
    • Clearer docs for the 'uri_for' method.
    • Fix POD refering to CGI::Cookie. We're using CGI::Simple::Cookie. (Forrest Cahoon)
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