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Changes for version 5.80023

  • Bug fixes:
    • Ensure to always cleanup temporary uploaded files in all cases, even when exceptions occur during request processing, using HTTP::Body's ->cleanup feature. (RT#41442)
    • Ensure that Catalyst::Engine::HTTP's options hash is defined before dereferencing it. (RT#49267)
    • Fix regex special characters in REDIRECT_URL variable breaking the request base. (2nd part of RT#24951)
    • Fix not stripping backslashes in DispatchType::Regex::uri_for_action
  • New features:
    • Setting __PACKAGE__->config(enable_catalyst_header => 1); in your MyApp.pm now enables the X-Catalyst header being printed when not in debug mode.
    • Require CGI::Simple::Cookie version 1.109 to ensure support for the HttpOnly flag
    • Allow the myapp_test.pl script to be given a list of paths which it will retrieve all of. (RT#53653)
    • Allow parameterized roles to be applied as plugins.
    • Allow requiring minimum versions of plugins when loading them.
  • Documentation:
    • The Catalyst::Test::get method is documented as returning the raw response bytes without any character decoding (RT#53678)
  • Cleanups:
    • Removal of $Catalyst::PRETTY_VERSION. Future releases will always have the full and unmangled version number, including trailing zeroes, in $Catalyst::VERSION.
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