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Changes for version 5.80030

  • New features:
    • Add a --proc_title option to the FCGI script to set the process title.
    • Allow the response body to be set to `undef' explicitly to indicate the absence of a body. It can be used to indicate that no body should be sent at all and processing of views should be skipped. This is especially useful for things like X-Sendfile, which now no longer require providing fake response bodies to suppress view processing. In order for this to work, you will also have upgrade Catalyst::Action::RenderView to at least version 0.15.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Deal correctly with GLOB file handles in the response body (setting the Content-Length header appropriately)
    • Chained dispatch has been fixed to always prefer paths with the minimum number of captures (rather than the maximum number of actions). This means that (for example) a URI path /foo/* made out of 2 actions will take preference to a URI path /*/* made out of 3 actions. Please check your applications if you are using chained action and please write new test to report failing case.
    • Stop relying on bugs in the pure-perl version of Package::Stash. New versions of Package::Stash load Package::Stash::XS if available. Package::Stash::XS fixes some of the bugs of the pure-perl version, exposing our faulty assumption and breaking things. We now work with both old and new versions of Package::Stash, both with and without Package::Stash::XS being installed. Older versions of Catalyst-Runtime also work with both old and new versions of Package::Stash, but only if Package::Stash::XS is *not* installed.
  • Documentation:
    • Clarify that when forwarding or detaching, the end action associated with the original dispatched action will be run afterwards (fallen)
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