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Florian Ragwitz
Catalyst::Helper::View::Mason - Helper for Mason Views
Catalyst::View::Mason - Mason View Class
Changes for version 0.16
    • Florian Ragwitz (18): Don't runn t/{kwalitee,notabs,pod,podcoverage,strict}.t unless AUTHOR_TEST is set. Add a fake shebang for t/{01use,pod,podcoverage}.t. Add an authortest target to the Makefile. Test always_append_template_extension. Document always_append_template_extension. Implement always_append_template_extension. Add a test for filename portability. Add examples and default value to the docs for all options. Add a test for data_dir defaults to be different for different applications and users. Build the data_dir default from the application name and the user id. Documentation fix. Catalyst::Component::new gets $app, not $c. Remove the file portability test. Move the release tests to xt and use M::I::ExtraTests to run them during make disttest only. Specify license in Makefile.PL. Add provides field to META.yml. Documentation update. Update README.

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