0.01_01    Tue Jun 3 02:45:47 2008 +0200
    Florian Ragwitz (24):
          Initial checkin.
          Generate MANIFEST from MANIFEST.SKIP.
          Add .gitignore.
          Fix 00load.t.
          More docs.
          Add explict return.
          Make perlcritic.t pass.
          Make the M::I helper work.
          Make the example work.
          Be smarter about handling ::Interp params.
          More interp tests.
          Add a TODO.
          Use spaces.
          Add some basic documentation.
          POD improvements.
          Don't use version.pm.
          Make install_component fail if unregistering fails.
          Set correct version for the MI extension.
          Don't recommend testing requirements.
          Add requires field to META.yml.
          Use MI::ExtraTests and move author tests to the right place.
          Makefile.PL typo fix.
          Run the pod and critic checks during disttest.
          Add a Makefile target to generate Changes.