Module::Install::CheckConflicts - notify users of possible conflicts
    with the distribution they're installing


            # Until version 0.08, Some::Module relied on a deprecated function we
            # removed now. It has been ported to the new API in 0.09.
            'Some::Module' => '0.08',


    Sometimes APIs need to be broken in incompatible ways. That's fine, as
    long as all dependencies that relied on the old way have been updated
    already. If users install install a new version of your module, but
    aren't aware that they need to update other modules that might have been
    broken by that new version, they'll be left with a non-functional
    installation of those depending modules.

    This module allows to declare modules your distribution breaks in your
    "Makefile.PL". If a user is installing your distribution, a message
    explaining the situation and a list of additional modules he needs to
    upgrade will presented.

        check_conflicts($module => $version, ...);

    Declares conflicts of your distribution. Takes a list of module/version
    pairs. The version number is the version of the incompatible code, not
    the version number of the fixed version.

    If the user installing your distribution has any conflicting module
    installed, a warning message will be printed. That warning will contain
    the list of conflicts, including the installed version and the declared
    conflicting version.

    When running the "Makefile.PL" from an interactive terminal, there'll be
    a pause of 4 seconds after print a warning, to give the user a better
    chance of noticing it.

    Florian Ragwitz <>

    Copyright (c) 2009 Florian Ragwitz

    This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
    the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.