Changes for version 0.23 - 2009-05-25

  • Add test to make sure methods returned from meta are MooseX::Method::Signatures::Meta::Method (nperez).
  • Add the actual ::Signature methods to the meta class instead of letting it wrap the coderef itself.
  • Make inner scopes inherit the declaration provider instead of hardcoding 'MooseX::Declare' (Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek).
  • Fix test failure on new Moose versions, which inline a DESTROY method on immutalisation.


Declarative syntax for Moose
Per-keyword declaration context
Extending with superclasses
Explicit namespace cleanups
Handle method declarations
Handle method modifier declarations
Basic keyword functionality
Handles method declarations
Common Moose namespaces declarations
Option parser dispatching
Handle user specified roles
Common declarative utility functions


in lib/MooseX/Declare/Context/
in lib/MooseX/Declare/Context/
in lib/MooseX/Declare/