package FLV::AMFWriter;

use warnings;
use strict;
use 5.008;

use AMF::Perl::Util::Object;
use AMF::Perl::IO::OutputStream;
use base 'AMF::Perl::IO::Serializer';

our $VERSION = '0.24';

=for stopwords AMF Remoting

=head1 NAME

FLV::AMFWriter - Wrapper for the AMF::Perl serializer

=head1 LICENSE

See L<FLV::Info>

=head1 METHODS

This is a subclass of AMF::Perl::IO::Deserializer.

That class is optimized for Flash Remoting communications.  We are
instead just interested in the protocol for the data payload of those
messages, since that's all that FLV carries.

So, this class is a hack.  As of this writing AMF::Perl was at v0.15,
which lacked support for hashes.  So, we hack that in.  Hopefully we
did it in a future-friendly way...


=item $pkg->new($content)

Creates a minimal AMF::Perl::IO::Serializer instance.


sub new
   my $pkg = shift;

   return $pkg->SUPER::new(AMF::Perl::IO::OutputStream->new());

=item $self->write_flv_meta(@data)

Returns a byte string of serialized data


sub write_flv_meta
   my ($self, @data) = @_;

   for my $d (@data)
   return $self->{out}->flush();

=item $self->writeMixedArray()

Serializes a hashref.

This is a workaround for versions of AMF::Perl which did not handle
hashes (namely v0.15 and earlier).  This method is only installed if a
method of the same name does not exist in the superclass.

This should be removed when a newer release of AMF::Perl is available.

=item $self->writeData($datum)

This is a minimal override of writeData() in the superclass to add
support for mixed arrays (aka hashes).

As above, it is only installed if AMF::Perl::IO::Serializer lacks a
writeMixedArray() method.


if (!__PACKAGE__->can('writeMixedArray'))
   *writeMixedArray = sub {
      my ($self, $d) = @_;

      $self->{out}->writeByte(8);    # type code
      $self->{out}->writeLong(0);    # length, bogus value...

   *writeData = sub {
      my ($self, $d, $type) = @_;

      if (!$type && (ref $d) && (ref $d) =~ m/HASH/xms)
         $type = 'mixedarray';

      if ($type && 'mixedarray' eq $type)
         $self->SUPER::writeData($d, $type);




=head1 AUTHOR

See L<FLV::Info>