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Revision history for Perl extension CDDB/CDDB_get.

0.9   13.05.2000 
      beta release version

0.91  small bug fix

0.95  offline version

1.00  12.06.2000
      output format for disc-cover

1.10  23.07.2000
      corrected output format to xmcd format
      disc-cover can read this now, as other programs

1.11  21.10.2000
      perl -w warnings resolved, thanx: Kyle <>

1.2   12.11.2000
      now solaris works too, thanx: Adam <>

1.4   01.12.2000
      some cleanup, default is from now on

1.5   23.03.2001
      solaris works now (for real now), thanx: Joe <>
      http mode implemented, thanx: Michael <>

1.51  25.02.2001
      proxy mode implemented (for http)

1.52  beta test version

1.6   28.03.2001
      netbsd works for now, maybe other bsd variants too
      there may be endian issues on bsd, so this is beta now

1.61  28.03.2001
      small correction and tests

1.66  31.05.2001
      Now works with OpenBSD.

2.01b 11.03.2002
      The information can now be saved in xmcd format. 
      An untested feature for loading data directly into a database was added. 
      A data flag for each track was added. 
      A fix was made for "/" characters in an artist's name. 
      The HTTP proxy recognition was fixed. 
      All entries are returned if a flag is set. 
      An RPM spec file is now included. 
      A command for encoding the CD with LAME is now output.

2.10  12.03.2002
      A fix for total disk length calculation
      tested MySQL
      a -O flag for overwrite (xmcd file and mysql-db)
      a fix for a small bug in the Red Hat spec file

2.11  10.10.2002
      small proxy regex bugfix

2.12  15.04.2003
      Added better device handling (I now have 3 cdroms)
      (internal test release)

2.2   29.04.2003
      Added direct device handling in 
      Firewall fix with additional \n

2.22  12.08.2003
      cddb proto5: new year and genre fields

2.23  07.09.2003
      openbsd 64bit support, may (not) work on other 64bit platforms ;-)
      (thanks to: Enache Adrian, Jolan Luff and Dan Weeks)
      pod cleanup

2.25  15.06.2005
      user:pass with proxy support - untested (thanks to Peter)
        Please try it, I don't have such a setup.
      Cache module: use CDDB_cache instead of CDDB_get
        All files are saved in a local tree and can be reused from there.
        Please try it if you like, it's not really tested.

2.26  22.06.2005 (unreleased)
      added postgres/oracle/sqlite support (untested)
      thanks to Rick for starting with a postgres version

2.27  01.01.2006
      default port is now 8880 (not 888 anymore)
      fixes an ioctl perl problem on current redhat/fedora (thanks to Gregory K. Ruiz-Ade
      and the redhat/fedora guys)

2.28  06.03.2012
      make tests work with perl 5.15.x