Apache::SimpleTemplate version 0.01

Apache::SimpleTemplate is *another* Template-with-embedded-Perl package
for mod_perl. It allows you to embed blocks of Perl code into text
documents, such as HTML files, and have this code executed upon HTTP
request. It should take moments to set-up and learn; very little knowledge 
of mod_perl is necessary.

This module is meant to be a slim and basic alternative to more fully
featured packages like Apache::Embperl, Apache::ASP, TemplateToolkit.
You may wish to compare approaches and features, and consider trade-offs
in funcionality, implementation time, speed, memory consumption, etc.

Apache::SimpleTemplate has no added syntax/tags/etc, and only the bare 
necessities of functionality. Thus, it should have a very small memory 
footprint and little processing overhead. It has basic caching and
pre-loading options for templates to help you tweak performance. It is 
also designed for making subclasses, in which you can add the functionality 
you want. 


To install Apache::SimpleTemplate, type the following:
  perl Makefile.PL
  make install


The only depency is mod_perl.


Copyright (c) 2001, Peter Forty

This is free software with no warranty.
You may use it, distribute it, and/or modify 
it under the same terms as Perl itself.