Apache::SimpleTemplate version 0.04

Apache::SimpleTemplate is *another* Template-with-embedded-Perl package
for mod_perl. It allows you to embed blocks of Perl code into text
documents, such as HTML files, and have this code executed upon HTTP
request. It should take moments to set-up and learn; very little knowledge 
of mod_perl is necessary, though some knowledge of Apache and perl is

This module is meant to be a slim and basic alternative to more fully
featured packages like Apache::Embperl, Apache::ASP, or TemplateToolkit,
and more of a mod_perl counterpart to JSP or PHP. You may wish to compare 
approaches and features of the other perl templating schemes, and consider 
trade-offs in funcionality, implementation time, speed, memory 
consumption, etc. This module's relative lack of "features" is meant to 
improve both its performance and its flexibility.

Apache::SimpleTemplate has no added programming syntax, relying simply
on perl itself for all programming logic in the templates. It should 
run with a very small memory footprint and little processing over-head. 
Templates get compiled into perl packages (or subroutines), and the 
caching and preloading options can help you increace speed and reduce 
memory consumption. SimpleTemplate is also designed for extension
through subclasses, into which you can add the functionality you want. 


To install Apache::SimpleTemplate, type the following:
  perl Makefile.PL
  make install

Then, to test it with Apache/mod_perl:
  1) put the httpd.conf lines above into your httpd.conf
  2) restart apache
  3) try putting an example template from below into your document root
  4) point your browser at the example


The only dependency is mod_perl.


Copyright (c) 2001-2003, Peter Forty

This is free software with no warranty.
You may use it, distribute it, and/or modify 
it under the same terms as Perl itself.