DNS::Bananafonana Version 0.1

This module handles numbers in base 85, via strings and Math::BigInt.
Instead of the 85 characters as defined rfc1924, this modules uses 85
consonant-vowel combination that will make the result pronouncable by human
beings. This scheme was suggested in a comment by DGolden on Slashdot

For more information, read the module or rfc1924.txt.

The usual installation instructions apply:

	/path/to/perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install

Please report bugs to the author at <michiel at fokke dot org>

Copyright and License

This distribution (with the exception of any included RFC's) is
copyright (c) 2011 Michiel Fokke.  All rights reserved.  This
software is distributed under the same license terms as Perl itself.
This software comes with NO WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER, express, implied,
or otherwise.

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