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Arthur Axel "fREW" Schmidt

Changes for version 0.08113

  • Fix populate with has_many bug (RT #50828)
  • Fix Oracle autoincrement broken for Resultsets with scalar refs (RT #50874)
  • Complete Sybase RDBMS support including:
    • Support for TEXT/IMAGE columns
    • Support for the 'money' datatype
    • Transaction savepoints support
    • DateTime inflation support
    • Support for bind variables when connecting to a newer Sybase with OpenClient libraries
    • Support for connections via FreeTDS with CASTs for bind variables when needed
    • Support for interpolated variables with proper quoting when connecting to an older Sybase and/or via FreeTDS
    • bulk API support for populate()
  • Transaction support for MSSQL via DBD::Sybase
  • Add is_paged method to DBIx::Class::ResultSet so that we can check that if we want a pager
  • Skip versioning test on really old perls lacking Time::HiRes (RT #50209)
  • Fixed on_connect_do/call regression when used with a coderef connector (RT #50003)
  • A couple of fixes to Ordered to remedy subclassing issues
  • Fixed another lingering problem with PostgreSQL auto-increment support and its interaction with multiple schemas
  • Remove some IN workarounds, and require a recent version of SQLA instead
  • Improvements to populate's handling of mixed scalarref values
  • Fixed regression losing result_class after $rs->find (introduced in 0.08108)
  • Fix in_storage() to return 1|0 as per existing documentation
  • Centralize handling of _determine_driver calls prior to certain ::Storage::DBI methods
  • Fix update/delete arbitrary condition handling (RT#51409)
  • POD improvements
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