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Changes for version 0.08121

  • Support for Firebird RDBMS with DBD::InterBase and ODBC
  • Add core support for INSERT RETURNING (for storages that supports this syntax, currently PostgreSQL and Firebird)
  • Fix spurious warnings on multiple UTF8Columns component loads
  • DBIx::Class::UTF8Columns entered deprecated state
  • DBIx::Class::InflateColumn::File entered deprecated state
  • DBIx::Class::Optional::Dependencies left experimental state
  • Add req_group_list to Opt::Deps (RT#55211)
  • Add support for mysql-specific STRAIGHT_JOIN (RT#55579)
  • Cascading delete/update are now wrapped in a transaction for atomicity
  • Fix accidental autovivification of ENV vars
  • Fix update_all and delete_all to be wrapped in a transaction
  • Fix multiple deficiencies when using MultiCreate with data-encoder components (e.g. ::EncodedColumn)
  • Fix regression where SQL files with comments were not handled properly by ::Schema::Versioned.
  • Fix regression on not properly throwing when $obj->relationship is unresolvable
  • Fix the join-optimiser to consider unqualified column names whenever possible
  • Fix an issue with multiple same-table joins confusing the join optimizier
  • Add has_relationship method to row objects
  • Fix regression in set_column on PK-less objects
  • Better error text on malformed/missing relationships
  • Add POD about the significance of PK columns
  • Fix for SQLite to ignore the (unsupported) { for => ... } attribute
  • Fix ambiguity in default directory handling of create_ddl_dir (RT#54063)
  • Support add_columns('+colname' => { ... }) to augment column definitions.
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