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Changes for version 0.08123_01

  • New Features / Changes
    • Extend 'proxy' relationship attribute
    • Use DBIx::Class::Storage::Debug::PrettyPrint when the environment variable DBIC_TRACE_PROFILE is set, see DBIx::Class::Storage for more information
    • Implemented add_unique_constraints() which delegates to add_unique_constraint() as appropriate
    • add_unique_constraint() now poparly throws if called with multiple constraint definitions
    • No longer depend on SQL::Abstract::Limit - DBIC has been doing most of the heavy lifting for a while anyway
    • FilterColumn now passes data through when transformations are not specified rather than throwing an exception.
    • Optimized RowNum based Oracle limit-dialect (RT#61277)
    • Requesting a pager on a resultset with cached entries now throws an exception, instead of returning a 1-page object since the amount of rows is always equal to the "pagesize"
    • $rs->pager now uses a lazy count to determine the amount of total entries only when really needed, instead of doing it at instantiation time
    • New documentation map organized by features (DBIx::Class::Manual::Features)
    • find( { ... }, { key => $constraint } ) now throws an exception when the supplied data does not fully specify $constraint
    • find( col1 => $val1, col2 => $val2, ... ) is no longer supported (it has been in deprecated state for more than 4 years)
  • Fixes
    • Fix memory leak during populate() on 5.8.x perls
    • Fix result_soutrce_instance leaks on compose_namespace
    • Make sure exception_action does not allow exception-hiding due to badly-written handlers (the mechanism was never meant to be able to suppress exceptions)
    • Fix find() without a key attr. choosing constraints even if some of the supplied values are NULL (RT#59219)
    • Fixed rels ending with me breaking subqueried limit realiasing
    • Fixed $rs->update/delete on resutsets constrained by an -or condition
    • Remove rogue GROUP BY on non-multiplying prefetch-induced subqueries
    • Oracle sequence detection now *really* works across schemas (fixed some ommissions from 0.08123)
    • dbicadmin now uses a /usr/bin/env shebang to work better with perlbrew and other local perl builds
    • bulk-inserts via $dbh->bind_array (void $rs->populate) now display properly in DBIC_TRACE
    • Incomplete exception thrown on relationship auto-fk-inference failures
    • Fixed distinct with order_by to not double-specify the same column in the GROUP BY clause
    • Properly support column names with symbols (e.g. single quote) via custom accessors
    • Fixed ::Schema::Versioned to work properly with quoting on (RT#59619)
    • Fixed t/54taint fails under local-lib
    • Fixed SELECT ... FOR UPDATE with LIMIT regression (RT#58554)
    • Fixed CDBICompat to preserve order of column-group additions, so that test relying on the order of %{} will no longer fail
    • Fixed mysterious ::Storage::DBI goto-shim failures on older perl versions
    • Non-blessed reference exceptions are now correctly preserved when thrown from udner DBIC (e.g. from txn_do)
    • No longer disconnecting database handles supplied to connect via a coderef
    • Fixed t/inflate/datetime_pg.t failures due to a low dependency on DateTime::Format::Pg (RT#61503)
    • Fix dirtyness detection on source-less objects
    • Fix incorrect limit_dialect assignment on Replicated pool members
    • Fix invalid sql on relationship attr order_by with prefetch
    • Fix primary key sequence detection for Oracle (first trigger instead of trigger for column)
  • Misc
    • Refactored capability handling in Storage::DBI, allows for standardized capability handling wrt query/enable/disable
    • Entire test suite now passes under DBIC_TRACE=1
    • Makefile.PL no longer imports GetOptions() to interoperate better with Catalyst installers
    • Bumped minimum Module::Install for developers
    • Bumped DBD::SQLite dependency and removed some TODO markers from tests (RT#59565)
    • Do not execute t/zzzzzzz_sqlite_deadlock.t for regular module installs - test is prone to spontaneous blow up
    • DT-related tests now require a DateTime >= 0.55 (RT#60324)
    • Makefile.PL now provides a pre-parsed DBIC version to the Opt::Dep pod generator
    • t/52leaks.t now performs very aggressive leak detection in author/smoker mode
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