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Changes for version 0.04

  • Added pendulum example [jtpalmer, zpmorgan] Added breakable example [jtpalmer] Added b2ContactImpulse [jtpalmer] Added b2WeldJoint and tests [jtpalmer] Added b2PulleyJoint, tests and example [jtpalmer] Added b2PrismaticJoint and test [jtpalmer] Added b2MouseJoint, tests and example [jtpalmer] Added b2LineJoint and tests [jtpalmer] Added b2GearJoint and tests [jtpalmer] Added b2FrictionJoint and tests [jtpalmer] Added b2RevoluteJoint, tests and example [jtpalmer] Added b2DistanceJoint, tests [jtpalmer] Added b2Filter, b2FixtureDef::filter and tests [jtpalmer] Added b2PolygonShape::SetAsEdge [jtpalmer] Fixed b2JointDef::body[AB] [jtpalmer]


2D Physics Library
2D Physics Library Contact Listener