SNMP::MIB::Compiler - a MIB Compiler supporting SMIv1 and SMIv2


    SNMP::MIB::Compiler is a MIB compiler that fully supports
    both SMI(v1) and SMIv2. This module can be use to compile
    MIBs (recursively or not) or load already compiled MIBs for
    later use.

    More information about this module is included in this package.


    To install, cd to the directory containing the unpacked
    distribution and do one of the following:

    a.  To install this module and its dependancies at once, use this:

            perl -MCPAN -e 'install Bundle::SNMP::MIB::Compiler'

    b.  Create a makefile by running Makefile.PL using the perl
        program into whose library you want to install and then run
        make three times:

            perl Makefile.PL
            make test
            make install

    c.  To install into a private library, for example your home

            perl Makefile.PL INSTALLSITELIB=$HOME/lib INSTALLMAN3DIR=$HOME/man
            make test
            make pure_install


    This package contains 2 sample programs :
      - mibcompiler : a small command-line MIB compiler.
      - mibbrowser : a graphical MIB browser (requires Tk).
        (not finished yet)