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أحمد محمد زواوي - Ahmad M. Zawawi
farabi - Run Farabi web server
Farabi - Modern Perl IDE
Farabi::Editor - Controller
Changes for version 0.47
  • This release begins the road to a better DZIL/M:I/EU:MM project support
    • [ADDED]
    • Upgrade to jQuery 2.1.1
    • Upgrade to CodeMirror 4.2
    • #10: Install a CPAN module from inside Farabi.
    • Added git status and log and all git operations are now under VCS menu.
    • Added make, make clean & make test commands.
    • Added dzil build and clean actions
    • [CHANGED]
    • Dist:Zilla support is enabled when the current project folder contains 'dist.ini'
    • ExtUtils::MakeMaker and Module::Install support is enabled when the current project folder contains 'Makefile.PL'
    • Refactor make and dzil commands into build, clean and test commands under the build menu.
    • Added SQL syntax highlighting support.
    • Diff editor is also affected with whitespace (tab, space) toggle options.
    • F1 displays perldoc help for the selected text or current token under the cursor in the documentation tab.
    • Remove Minilla support. It is literally too opinionated and not there yet.

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