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Chris Weyl
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::KojiTask - Simple (temporary) koji task representation
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Task - describe a task
reviewtool - Handle Fedora package reviews
Fedora::App::ReviewTool - Application class for ReviewTool
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Bodhi - primitive bodhi update submit for reviewtool
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Bugzilla - bugzilla command role
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::branch - [submitter] branch request
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::check - [submitter] submit a srpm for review
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::close - [submitter] close review tix
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::import - [submitter] import packages
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::review - [reviewer] review a package
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::setup - do some initial setup magic
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::status - [submitter] submit a srpm for review
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::submit - [submitter] submit a srpm for review
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::take - [reviewer] take a package for review
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Command::update - [submitter] update a review tix
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Reviewer - methods to work with reviews
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Submitter - methods to work with submitted reviews
Fedora::Bugzilla::PackageReviewBug - bug + some reviewing magic
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Config in lib/Fedora/App/ReviewTool/Config.pm
Fedora::App::ReviewTool::Koji in lib/Fedora/App/ReviewTool/Koji.pm
Changes for version 0.10
    • add auto_provides to Makefile.PL
    • unmark methods in Fedora::App::ReviewTool as private
    • (import) it's now possible to override the SRPM to import
    • (import) we now use MooseX::Workers, to try to parallelize koji tasks
    • (review) we try harder to use the koji-built scratch for review purposes... we still have a ton of cleanup to do, but WFN :)

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