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Peter Flanigan
File::DataClass - Structured data file IO with OO paradigm
File::DataClass::Cache - Adds extra methods to the CHI API
File::DataClass::Constants - Definitions of constant values
File::DataClass::Exception - Exception class composed from traits
File::DataClass::Functions - Common functions used in this distribution
File::DataClass::HashMerge - Merge hashes with update flag
File::DataClass::IO - Better IO syntax
File::DataClass::List - List response class
File::DataClass::Result - Result object definition
File::DataClass::ResultSet - Core element methods
File::DataClass::ResultSource - A source of result sets for a given schema
File::DataClass::Schema - Base class for schema definitions
File::DataClass::Storage - Storage base class
File::DataClass::Storage::Any - Selects storage class using the extension on the path
File::DataClass::Storage::JSON - Read/write JSON data storage model
File::DataClass::Types - A type constraint library
Changes for version 0.43.1
    • Releasing
    • Fixed resultset update and added tests
    • Added backwards bool to ::IO
    • Skipping heads / tails test on win32 since it's too flakey 29a2bb0c-6bf4-1014-974a-4394dad81770

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