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Ronan Waide
Finance::Bank::IE - shared functions for the Finance::Bank::IE module tree
Finance::Bank::IE::AIB - Finance::Bank interface for Allied Irish Bank
Finance::Bank::IE::AvantCard - Finance::Bank interface for AvantCard (Ireland)
Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland - Interface to Bank of Ireland online banking
Finance::Bank::IE::PTSB - Finance::Bank interface for Permanent TSB (Ireland)
Finance::Bank::IE::AIB::Account in lib/Finance/Bank/IE/AIB.pm
Finance::Bank::IE::AvantCard::Account in lib/Finance/Bank/IE/AvantCard.pm
Finance::Bank::IE::BankOfIreland::Account in lib/Finance/Bank/IE/BankOfIreland.pm
Finance::Bank::IE::PTSB::Account in lib/Finance/Bank/IE/PTSB.pm
Changes for version 0.30
    • REMOVE MBNA - MBNA Ireland no longer exists
    • Add preliminary support for AIB & AvantCard (MBNA replacement)
    • Release script ensures all files are versioned correctly.

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