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add class information to an attachment point database
Installs and uninstalls fonts in Windows
checks fonts against their attachment database
dump table structures from Font::TTF::Font
Font REporting Tool
edit the OS/2 table in a TrueType Font
Create FEA from a TrueType Font
Create GDL from a TrueType Font
Create VOLT code from a TrueType Font
create Adobe Glyph List conformant names for glyphs in a font
export anchor points from a FontForge file
merges sfd files
merges sfd files
create VOLT project from existing OpenType font file
create WOFF file from TTF file
sets ascent and descent of a TrueType font
re-calculates bounding boxes for all glyphs in a font
assemble a font from another font
renames font files
wrapper for short Font::TTF hacks
adds feature parameters to Opentype stylistic set or character variants features
Convert OpenType lang systems to TypeTuner configuration file
renames font files
remaps the cmap of a TrueType Font
sets font version in a TrueType font
subset a font
import, export, or delete TrueType font tables
create fonts which users can then alter (also using TypeTuner) to change default glyphs and behaviors.
create attachment point database from VOLT source in a TrueType Font
compiles volt code into OT tables in a font


Font REporting Tool
Smart font script supporting modules and scripts for TTF/OTF
Memory representation of a TTFBuilder Attachment Point database (APDB)
Creates a font with the given language id as being default.
Creates font specific AFDKO fea source file from a font and optional attachment point database
create GDL (Graphite Description Language) from a TrueType font
set name of font
handling of legacy (non-Unicode) Thai fonts
Memory representation of a Volt based font


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