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Jerome Eteve
Form::Toolkit - A toolkit to build Data centric Forms
Form::Toolkit::Clerk - A form clerk that can fill a form from some source.
Form::Toolkit::Clerk::Hash - A Clerk that will fill a form from a hash of values.
Form::Toolkit::Field - A field for JCOM::Form s
Form::Toolkit::Field::Boolean - A Pure and single boolean field. Could render as a checkbox.
Form::Toolkit::Field::Date - A single DateTime field.
Form::Toolkit::Field::Form - A field that can hold another nested Form::Toolkit::Form
Form::Toolkit::Field::Integer - A Pure and single string field.
Form::Toolkit::Field::Set - A Set of Pure scalar Value's (Not references).
Form::Toolkit::Field::String - A Pure and single string field.
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole - A Base role for field roles.
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::DateTruncate - Truncate a Date to the given date_truncation.
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::Email - A Role that checks if the value looks like an email.
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::HasKVPairs - A Role that makes a field only aware of a set of 'kvpairs' values ( a Form::Toolkit::KVPairs ).
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::InKVPairs - A Role that makes sure a _Set_ field only contains values from the in_kvpairs (a Form::Toolkit::KVPairs) set
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::Mandatory - A Role that makes the field mandatory
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::MaxLength - A Role that gives a max_length to this field.
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::MinLength - A Role that gives a min_length to this field.
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::MinMax - A Role that add a min and a max value to a field (for Numeric fields of course).
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::MonoValued - A Role that makes a _Set_ field mono valued.
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::RegExpMatch - A Role that checks the value matches a regex
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::Repeat - A Role that requires this field to repeat another one
Form::Toolkit::FieldRole::Trimmed - A Role that trims the value to avoid heading and trailing spacing characters.
Form::Toolkit::Form - A Moose base class for Form implementation
Form::Toolkit::KVPairs - An abstract source of Key Value Pairs.
Form::Toolkit::KVPairs::DBICRs - A DBIx::Class::ResultSet adapter.
Form::Toolkit::KVPairs::Pure - A pure Perl structure based KVPairs Set.
Form::Toolkit::Test - A Test form containing all the supported native field types.
Form::Toolkit::Meta::Class::Trait::HasID in lib/Form/Toolkit/Meta/Class/Trait/HasID.pm
Form::Toolkit::Meta::Class::Trait::HasShortClass in lib/Form/Toolkit/Meta/Class/Trait/HasShortClass.pm

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