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Forward::Guides::Routes::NestedResources - Routes for Nested Resources for Plack web framework developers (Perl)
Forward::Guides::Routes::ResourceCustomization - Customizing resourceful routes
Forward::Guides::Routes::Resources - Rails like resource routing for Plack web framework developers (Perl)
Forward::Routes - restful routes for web framework developers
Forward::Routes - restful routes for web framework developers
Forward::Routes::Match in lib/Forward/Routes/Match.pm
Forward::Routes::Pattern in lib/Forward/Routes/Pattern.pm
Forward::Routes::Resources in lib/Forward/Routes/Resources.pm
Forward::Routes::Resources::Plural in lib/Forward/Routes/Resources/Plural.pm
Forward::Routes::Resources::Singular in lib/Forward/Routes/Resources/Singular.pm
Changes for version 0.56
    • custom id names for resources (e.g. my_id instead of id)
    • API change: resource names such as 'new' and 'edit' can become id placeholder values if request method does not match or if there is no match because of 'only' option
    • API Change: the "as" option for resources now changes the automatic naming of routes and controllers, it no longer changes the path pattern of the URL (inverse behaviour, rails like)
    • API Change: use shorter names for frequent use cases and longer names for edge cases for nested resources (rails like)
    • API Change: nested resources: do not include namespace in capture names (untested/not specified behaviour in the past)

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