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Froody::DataFormats - Example Data Formats used by Froody
Froody::Error::Standard - Documentation describing the standard errors
Froody::QuickStart - the froody Quick Start tutorial
froody - command line for Froody
Froody - Yet another XML web API framework
Froody::API - Base class for API definition
Froody::API::Reflection - the froody reflection api spec
Froody::API::XML - Define a Froody API with xml
Froody::Argument - Froody argument type handler
Froody::Argument::CSV - Froody argument type handler for comma seperated value records
Froody::Argument::Email - trim leading and trailing whitespace
Froody::Argument::Multipart - Froody argument type handler for multipart attachments
Froody::Argument::Number - Froody argument type handler for numeric arguments
Froody::Argument::Text - Froody argument type handler for raw text
Froody::Argument::Trim - trim leading and trailing whitespace
Froody::Base - base class for Froody classes
Froody::Dispatch - Easily call Froody Methods
Froody::Error - Froody error class
Froody::ErrorType - object representing a Froody Error Type
Froody::Implementation - define Perl methods to implement Froody::Method
Froody::Invoker - provide a way to run a Froody::Method
Froody::Invoker::Implementation - define what should be run for a Froody::Method
Froody::Invoker::Remote - invoker that calls methods remotely
Froody::Logger - logging wrapper
Froody::Method - object representing a method callable by Froody
Froody::Repository - a repository of Froody::Method objects.
Froody::Request - a Froody server request
Froody::Response - result of a Froody::Method executing
Froody::Response::Content - common subclass for perl data structure classes
Froody::Response::Error - create a response from an error
Froody::Response::PerlDS - create a response from a Perl data structure
Froody::Response::String - create a response from a string
Froody::Response::Terse - create a response from a Terse data structure
Froody::Response::XML - create a response from a XML::LibXML document
Froody::Server - baseclass for Froody::Server
Froody::Server::Standalone - standalone server for Froody
Froody::Structure - object representing the structure used by the response
Froody::Upload - wrapper class for uploaded data in Froody
Froody::Walker::Terse - read and write Terse data.
Froody::Walker::XML - read and write XML
Froody::Logger::Compat in lib/Froody/Logger.pm
Froody::Renderer::json in lib/Froody/Renderer/json.pm
Froody::Walker in lib/Froody/Walker.pm
Froody::Walker::Driver in lib/Froody/Walker/Driver.pm
Module::Build::Kwalitee in mbk/Module/Build/Kwalitee.pm

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