use strict;
use warnings;

use Compress::Zlib;
use English qw(-no_match_vars);
use Fcntl qw(:flock);
use Getopt::Long;
use LWP::UserAgent;
use Pod::Usage;
use XML::TreePP;

my $options = {
    useragent => 'FusionInventory-Injector'

my @failedFiles;


pod2usage(-verbose => 0, -exitstatus => 0) if $options->{help};

if ($options->{stdin}) {
} elsif ($options->{file}) {
} elsif ($options->{directory}) {
} else {
if (scalar @failedFiles > 0) {
    my $message = 'These elements were not sent:' . "\n";
    $message .= join "\n", @failedFiles;
    die($message . "\n");


sub loadfile {
    my ($file) = @_;

    die "file $file does not exist\n" unless -f $file;
    die "file $file is not readable\n" unless -r $file;

    print "Loading $file..." if $options->{verbose};

    open (my $handle, '<', $file) or die "can't open file $file: $ERRNO\n";
    ## no critic (ProhibitBitwise)
    flock ($handle, LOCK_EX | LOCK_NB) or die "can't lock file $file: $ERRNO\n";
    local $RS;
    my $content = <$handle>;
    close $handle or die "Can't close file $file: $ERRNO\n";

    my $success = sendContent($content);
    if ($success && $options->{remove}) {
        unlink $file or warn "Can't remove $file: $ERRNO\n"

    push @failedFiles, $file unless $success;

sub loaddirectory {
    my ($directory) = @_;

    die "directory $directory does not exist\n" unless -d $directory;
    die "directory $directory is not readable\n" unless -r $directory;

    opendir (my $handle, $directory)
        or die "can't open directory $directory: $ERRNO\n";
    foreach my $file (readdir($handle)) {
        next if $file =~ /^..?$/ ;
        if (-d "$directory/$file") {
            loaddirectory("$directory/$file") if ($options->{recursive});
        } else {
            loadfile("$directory/$file") if $file =~ /\.(?:ocs|xml)$/;
    closedir $handle;

sub loadstdin {
    my $content;
    undef $RS;
    $content = <STDIN>;
    push @failedFiles, 'STDIN DATA' unless sendContent($content);

sub sendContent {
    my $content = shift;
    my $useragent = $options->{useragent};

    if (uncompress($content)) {
        $content = uncompress($content);

    if ($options->{"xml-ua"}) {
        my $tpp = XML::TreePP->new();
        my $tree = $tpp->parse( $content );
        $useragent = $tree->{REQUEST}->{CONTENT}->{VERSIONCLIENT}
            if (exists($tree->{REQUEST}->{CONTENT}->{VERSIONCLIENT}));

    my $ua = LWP::UserAgent->new(
        agent => $useragent,
        parse_head => 0, # No need to parse HTML
        keep_alive => 1,
        requests_redirectable => ['POST', 'GET', 'HEAD']
    my $request = HTTP::Request->new( POST => $options->{url} );

    my $info = "";
    if ($options->{"no-ssl-check"}) {
        my $url = $request->uri();
        if ($url->scheme() eq 'https') {
            if ($ua->can('ssl_opts')) {
                $ua->ssl_opts(verify_hostname => 0, SSL_verify_mode => 0);
                $info = " (ssl check disabled)";
            } else {
                $info = " (unsupported ssl options)";

        'Pragma' => 'no-cache',
        'Content-type', $options->{"no-compression"} ? 'Application/xml' : 'Application/x-compress'
    $request->content($options->{"no-compression"} ? $content : compress($content));
    my $res = $ua->request($request);

    if ($options->{verbose}) {
        print $res->is_success() ?
            "OK" : "ERROR: " . $res->status_line(), "$info\n";

    return $res->is_success();


=head1 NAME

fusioninventory-injector - A tool to push inventory in an OCS Inventory or compatible server.


fusioninventory-injector [options] [--file <file>|--directory <directory>|--stdin|--useragent <user-agent>]

    -h --help      this menu
    -d --directory load every .ocs files from a directory
    -R --recursive recursively load .ocs files from <directory>
    -f --file      load a speficic file
    -u --url       server URL
    -r --remove    remove succesfuly injected files
    -v --verbose   verbose mode
    --stdin        read data from STDIN
    --useragent    set used HTTP User-Agent for POST
    -x --xml-ua    use Client version found in XML as User-Agent for POST
    --no-ssl-check do not check server SSL certificate
    -C --no-compression don't compress sent XML inventories

    fusioninventory-injector -v -f /tmp/toto-2010-09-10-11-42-22.ocs --url https://login:pw@example/plugins/fusioninventory/
    fusioninventory-injector -v -R -d /srv/ftp/fusion --url https://login:pw@example/plugins/fusioninventory/


This tool can be used to test your server, do benchmark or push inventory from
off-line machine.