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2004-04-13   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.79

    HTML::Form now exposes the 'readonly' and 'disabled'
    attribute for inputs.  This allow your program to simulate
    JavaScript code that modifies these attributes.

    RFC 2616 says that http: referer should not sent with
    https: requests.  The lwp-rget program, the $req->referer method
    and the redirect handling code now try to enforce this.
    Patch by Ville Skyttä <>.

    WWW::RobotRules now look for the string found in
    robots.txt as a case insensitive substring from its own
    User-Agent string, not the other way around.
    Patch by Ville Skyttä <>.

    HTML::Headers: New method 'header_field_names' that
    return a list names as suggested by its name.

    HTML::Headers: $h->remove_content_headers will now
    also remove the headers "Allow", "Expires" and
    "Last-Modified".  These are also part of the set
    that RFC 2616 denote as Entity Header Fields.

    HTML::Headers: $h->content_type is now more careful
    in removing embedded space in the returned value.
    It also now returns all the parameters as the second
    return value as documented.

    HTML::Headers: $h->header() now croaks.  It used to
    silently do nothing.

    HTML::Headers: Documentation tweaks.  Documented a
    few bugs discovered during testing.

    Typo fixes to the documentation all over the place
    by Ville Skyttä <>.

    Updated tests.

2004-04-07   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.78

    Added the parse(), clear(), parts() and add_part() methods to
    HTTP::Message.  The HTTP::MessageParts module of 5.77 is no more.

    Added clear() and remove_content_headers() methods to

    The as_string() method of HTTP::Message now appends a newline
    if called without arguments and the non-empty content does
    not end with a newline.  This ensures better compatibility with
    5.76 and older versions of libwww-perl.

    Use case insensitive lookup of hostname in $ua->credentials.
    Patch by Andrew Pimlott <>.

2004-04-06   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.77

    LWP::Simple did not handle redirects properly when the "Location"
    header used uncommon letter casing.
    Patch by Ward Vandewege <>.

    LWP::UserAgent passed the wrong request to redirect_ok().
    Patch by Ville Skyttä <>.

    LWP did not handle URLs like

    LWP::RobotUA construct now accept key/value arguments in the
    same way as LWP::UserAgent.
    Based on patch by Andy Lester <>.

    LWP::RobotUA did not parse robots.txt files that contained
    "Disallow:" using uncommon letter casing.
    Patch by Liam Quinn <>.

    WWW::RobotRules now allow leading space when parsing robots.txt
    file as suggested by Craig Macdonald <>.
    We now also allow space before the colon.

    WWW::RobotRules did not handle User-Agent names that use complex
    version numbers.  Patch by Liam Quinn <>.

    Case insensitive handling of hosts and domain names
    in HTTP::Cookies.

    The bundled media.types file now match video/quicktime
    with the .mov extension, as suggested by Michel Koppelaar

    Experimental support for composite messages, currently
    implemented by the HTTP::MessageParts module.  Based on
    ideas from Joshua Hoblitt <>.

    Fixed libscan in Makefile.PL.
    Patch by Andy Lester <>.

    The HTTP::Message constructor now accept a plain array reference
    as its $headers argument.

    The return value of the HTTP::Message as_string() method now
    better conforms to the HTTP wire layout.  No additional "\n"
    are appended to the as_string value for HTTP::Request and
    HTTP::Response.  The HTTP::Request as_string now replace missing
    method or URI with "-" instead of "[NO METHOD]" and "[NO URI]".
    We don't want values with spaces in them, because it makes it
    harder to parse.

2003-11-21   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.76
    Revised handling of redirects.
       - clear our content and content headers if we
         rewrite request as GET based on patch by
         Steven Butler <>.
       - pass $response to redirect_ok()

    Support cpan:-URLs.  Try 'lwp-download cpan:src/latest.tar.gz' :)

    Fix test failure in 't/html/form.t' for perl5.005.

2003-10-26   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.75
    Reworked LWP::UserAgent, HTTP::Request and HTTP::Response
    documentation.  Also other documentation tweaks.

2003-10-23   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.74

    Improved lwp-download program:
      - set mtime if Last-Modified header reported by server
      - better prompts
      - avoid warnings when aborted at the wrong time

    Collected all contributions in the AUTHORS file and
    also added an AUTHORS section to the LWP manpage.

    Style tweaks to all modules.  Move POD after __END__
    and uncuddled elses.

2003-10-19   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.73
    Takanori Ugai <> found that 'max_redirect'
    introduced in 5.72 was broken and provided a patch for that.

    Not all ftp servers return 550 responses when trying to
    to RETR a directory.  Microsofts IIS is one of those.
    Patch provided by Thomas Lotterer <>.
    Some documentation tweaks.

2003-10-15   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.72

    Requests for some non-HTTP URLs would fail if the cookie_jar
    was enabled.  The HTTP::Cookies::add_cookie_header now ignore
    non-HTTP requests.

    The new local/http test failed on Windows because of a missing

    Suppress Client-SSL-Warning warning header when Crypt::SSLeay
    is able to verify the peer certificate.   Patch contributed by
    Joshua Chamas <>.

    HTTP::Request::Common::POST did not add a 'Content-Length' header
    when the content ended up empty.  Fixed by a patch contributed
    by Brian J. Murrell.

    Internally generated responses now contain a text/plain part
    that repeats the status line.  They also have a "Client-Warning"
    header that can be used to differentiate these responses from
    real server responses.

    LWP::UserAgent now deals with 303 and 307 redirects.  The behaviour
    of 302 redirects has also changed to be like 303; i.e. change the
    method to be "GET".  This is what most browsers do.  Based on
    a patch contributed by Tom Hughes <>.

    LWP::UserAgent now implements a 'max_redirect' attribute with a
    default value of 7.  This should also fix the problem where
    redirects to the same URL to get a cookie set did not work.
    Based on a patch by Sean M. Burke <>.

    NTML authentication should continue to fail if the Authen::NTLM
    module can't be loaded.  LWP used to think the scheme was
    available as soon as the module stash showed up.  Not it looks
    for the authenticate method to be defined.  Patch by Jan Dubois.

    lwp-download will not try to rename *.tbz and *.tar.bz2 to
    match the reported content type.  Patch contributed by
    Robin Barker <>.

    HTTP::Cookies::Netscape documentation fix by Sean M. Burke.

    HTTP::Cookies::Microsoft documentation fix by Johnny Lee.

    The code that tries to avoid installing 'HEAD' on top of
    'head' on systems like Mac OS was further improved to look
    in $Config{installscript} instead of $Config{sitebin}.
    Patch provided by Ken Williams <>.

2003-10-14   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.71

    Support open-ended Range: header for ftp requests.
    Patch by Matthew Eldridge <eldridge@Graphics.Stanford.EDU>.

    lwp-request now prints unsuccessful responses in the same way
    as successsful ones.  The status will still indicate failures.
    Based on a patch by Steve Hay <>.

    HTML::Form's dump now also print alternative value names.

    HTML::Form will now pick up the phrase after a <input type=radio>
    or <input type=checkbox> and use that as the name of the checked

    HTML::Form's find_input now returns all inputs that match in
    array context.  Based on patch by Mark Stosberg <>
    in <>.

    HTTP::Daemon's send_file() method did not work when given
    a file name.  Patch by Dave W. Smith <>.

    HTTP::Daemon is less strict about field names in the request
    headers is received.  The Norton Internet Security firewall
    apparently likes to send requests with a header called
    '~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'.   Further details in

    LWP::Protocol::http assumed $1 would be meaningful without
    testing the outcome of the match.  This sometimes produced
    an extra garbage Authentication header.
    Based on the patch by <> in

    LWP::Protocol::mailto will try harder to locate the sendmail
    program as suggested in <>.
    Also let $ENV{SENDMAIL} override the search.

    Patch to enable OS/2 build by Ilya Zakharevich.

2003-10-13   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.70

    File::Listing::apache by Slaven Rezic <>

    HEAD requests now work properly for ftp: URLs.
    Patch by Ville Skyttä <>.

    LWP::UserAgent: The protocols_allowed() and protocols_forbidden()
    methods are now case insensitive.  Patch by Ville Skyttä

    Avoid warning from HTTP::Date on certain invalid dates.
    Patch by David Dick <>.

    HTML::Form::param() is an alternative interface for inspecting
    and modifying the form values.  It resembles the interface
    of CGI.

    HTML::Form documentation updated.  Lots of typo fixes and improves
    by Martin Thurn <>.

    HTML::Form will treat any unknown input types as text input.
    This appears to be what most browsers do.

    HTML::Form::parse() can now take a HTTP::Response object
    as argument.

    The "checkbox" and "option" inputs of HTML::Form can now be
    turned on with the new check() method.

    The inputs of HTML::Form can now track alternative value
    names and allow values to be set by these names as well.
    Currently this is only supported for "option" inputs.

    HTML::Form's dump() method now print the name of the form if

2003-01-24   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.69

    Include lwptut.pod contributed by Sean M. Burke C<>.

    The lwp-request aliases GET, HEAD, POST where installed when
    no program should be.  Fixed by David Miller <>.

    lwp-rget --help don't print double usage any more.

    HTTP::Header::Util is now more reluctant to put quotes around
    token values.

    Net::HTTP: Avoid warning on unexpected EOF when reading chunk

2003-01-02   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.68

    Fix test failure for t/html/form.t when running under

2003-01-01   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.67

    HTTP::Cookies::Microsoft contributed by Johnny Lee <>.
    This module makes it possible for LWP to share MSIE's cookies.

    HTML::Form supports file upload better now.  There are some
    new methods on that kind of input; file(), filename(), content()
    and headers().

    Removed unfinished test that depended on Data::Dump.

    Net::HTTP avoids exceptions in read_response_headers() with
    laxed option.  It now always assumes HTTP/0.9 on unexpected

    HTML::Form documentation reworked.

2002-12-20   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.66

    Various patches from Sean M. Burke.  Most of them to
    match up LWP with the "Perl & LWP" book.

    LWP::DebugFile module contributed by Sean.

    LWP::Authen::Ntml contributed by James Tillman.

    HTTP::Daemon patch for Alpha by <>

    The format_chunk() and write_chunk() methods of Net::HTTP
    did not work.  Bug spotted by Yale Huang <>.

    The Client-Peer response header is back.

2002-05-31   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.65

    Make HTTP::Date compatible with perl 5.8.

    Try to avoid to default to overwriting /usr/bin/head 
    on MacOS X when the perl install prefix is /usr/bin.

    HTTP::Cookies fix for parsing of Netscape cookies file
    on MS Windows. Patch by by Sean M. Burke <>.

    HTTP::Negotiate doc patch from Edward Avis <>.

2002-02-09   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.64

    Simplified the Makefile.PL:
       - the scripts are not longer *.PL files

       - don't try to make symlinks for GET, HEAD, POST
         as that has not worked for a long time

       - the GET, HEAD, POST aliases for lwp-request should
         now work on Windows.
       - added 'clear_temporary_cookies' method;
         patch by Mike Schilli <>.

       - trailing space in old cookie parameters not ignored;
         patch by Ivan Panchenko

       - protect against $SIG{__DIE__} handlers;
	 patch by Adam Newby <>.

       - abort digest auth session if we fail repeatedly with
         the same username/password.

    MacOS portability patches to the test suite by
    Chris Nandor <>.

2001-12-14   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.63

    HTTP::Negotiate: Deal with parameter names in a case
    insensitive way.  Put a little weight on the order of features
    in the Accept headers.

    LWP::UserAgent: make sure that the 'request' attribute is
    always set on the returned response.

    LWP::Protocol::http will now allow certain bad headers
    in the responses it reads.  The bad headers end up in the
    header 'Client-Junk'.

    Net::HTTP new options to the 'read_response_headers'
    method.  The option 'laxed' will make it ignore bad header
    lines.  The option 'junk_out' can be used to pass in an
    array reference.  Junk header lines are pushed onto it.

    Net::HTTP::Methods: fixed the internal zlib_ok() to also
    return the correct value the first time.

    LWP::Protocol::http: Ensure that we don't read until
    select has said it is ok since we have put the socket
    in non-blocking mode.  Previously this could happen if
    you set the 'timeout' attribute of the user agent to 0.

    LWP::Authen::Digest now use Digest::MD5 instead of MD5.

    Some adjustments to Makefile.PL to figure out if
    Compress::Zlib is available and adjust the test suite

2001-11-21   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.62

    The $VERSION of LWP::UserAgent wrapped around.  This confused the
    CPAN indexer.  Bumped the major number to 2 to fix this.

    Net::HTTP did not work well on perl5.003.  The PeerHost argument
    to IO::Socket::INET was not recognized, so we had to use PeerAddr
    instead.  The syswrite() method also required a length argument.

    Net::HTTP did not deal with transfer encoding tokens in a
    case-insensitive way.  Patch by Blair Zajac <>.

    The jigsaw-chunk test failed on MacOS because "\n" is different.
    Patch by Chris Nandor <>.

2001-11-16   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.61

    LWP::Protocol::http did not invoke its _fixup_header method.
    The result was that the 'Host' header got completely wrong
    when talking through a proxy server.

    The live Google test is gone.  They blocked us.

    The guts of Net::HTTP has moved to Net::HTTP::Methods.

    Net::HTTP now has limits on the size of the header which are
    set by default.

    New module Net::HTTPS.

    Documentation tweaks.

    HTTP::Headers: The 'remove_header' method now return the values
    of the fields removed as suggested by Blair Zajac <>.
    Also a typo fix by Blair.

    HTTP::Message: The delegation via &AUTOLOAD should be slightly
    faster now.  It will install a real forwarding function the
    first time it is called for each HTTP::Headers method.

    LWP::UserAgent: Don't forward 'Cookie' headers on redirect.
    Patch by Steve A Fink <>.

    LWP::Protocol::http has been reorganized to make it simpler
    to subclass it. Other minor changes to it include:
       - Client-Warning is gone
       - Client-Request-Num renamed to Client-Response-Num
       - A 'Transfer-Encoding' header is rewritten into a
         'Client-Transfer-Encoding' header.

    LWP::Protocol::https is completely redone.

2001-10-26   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.60

    Made HTTP/1.1 the default.  The old HTTP/1.0 module has been
    renamed as LWP::Protocol::http10.  There is an environment
    variable; PERL_LWP_USE_HTTP_10 that can be set to have LWP
    still pick up the old drivers.

    Deal with "100 continue" responses even when not requested by
    and Expect header in the request.  MS IIS seems to eager to send
    this kind of response.

    For HTTP/1.1 over SSL there was a problem with the underlying
    SSL libraries if the socket was configured to non-blocking mode.
    Disable this for https.
    Based on a patch from Michael Thompson <>

    Support the Range header for ftp:// requests.
    Patch by David Coppit <>.

    Rearrange Bundle::LWP on request from Chris Nandor.

    HTTP::Cookies: Allow a domain like match host "".
    Patch by Alexandre Duret-Lutz <>

    For redirects make sure Host header is not copied to the new

    The HTML::HeadParser is not loaded until actually needed.

    Net::HTTP should now work with perl5.005 by a simple tweak
    to 'require IO::Socket::INET'.

    WWW::RobotRules::AnyDBM: Explicitly clear database on open.
    Some DBM implementations doesn't support the O_TRUNC flag
    properly.  Patch by Radu Greab <>.

2001-09-19   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.53_97

    LWP::Protocol::http11: fix socket leak.  Because we managed
    to set up a circular reference within the sockets objects they
    stayed around forever.

    LWP::UserAgent: Split up simple_request into prepare_request
    and send_request. Patch contributed by Keiichiro Nagano <>

    LWP::Protocol::http: Pass all header data to LWP::Debug::conns.
    Based on patch by Martijn.

    LWP::UserAgent: Sean fixed a Cut&Paste error.

    HTTP::Cookies: avoid pack("c",...) warning from bleadperl.

2001-08-27   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.53_96

    HTTP/1.1 support also for https.
    Contributed by Doug MacEachern <>

    The HTTP/1.1 modules are now enabled by default.  Hope that will give
    them more testing than they otherwise would have gotten.

    HTTP::Daemon's accept now has same behaviour as IO::Socket's
    accept in list context.  Fixed by Blair Zajac <>.

    More argument sanity checking in HTTP::Request->uri and
    LWP::UserAgent->simple_request.  Patch by Sean M. Burke.

    HTTP::Protocol::http.  Deal with short writes.
    Patch by Norton Allen <>

    HTTP::Protocol::http11:  Deal with newlines in header values.

    Net::HTTP: call sysread (instead of xread) when more data is required.

2001-08-06   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.53_95

    Fix HTTP::Cookies where there is a mix of Set-Cookie and
    Set-Cookie2 headers.  In that case we used to ignore all Set-Cookie
    headers.  Now we only ignore those Set-Cookie headers that reference
    the same cookie as a Set-Cookie2 header.

    HTTP::Request, HTTP::Response will by default now use "URI" class,
    instead of "URI::URL", when constructing its URI objects.  This
    has a potential for breaking existing code as URI::URL objects had
    some extra methods that external code might depend upon.

    Patches by Sean M. Burke:
       - Fix treatment of language tags in HTTP::Negotiate 
       - Avoid trailing newline in $response->message
       - HTTP::Response clarifications

    LWP::Simple deals with non-absolute redirects "correctly" now.

    Net::HTTP does not try to load Compress::Zlib until it is needed.

    Net::HTTP documentation has been updated.

2001-05-05   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.53_94

    Sean M. Burke's update to LWP::UserAgent:
       - updated redirect_ok behaviour
       - new convenience methods: get/head/post/put
       - protocols_allowed/protocols_forbidden
       - LWP::Protocol::nogo (new module)

    Added digest auth test against Jigsaw

    Fixed a 'use of uninitialized'-warning in the handling of
    digest authentication.

    Net::HTTP updates:
      - new option: SendTE
      - support transfer-encoding 'deflate' and 'gzip' (when Compress::Zlib
        is available).
      - new methods: format_chunk, format_chunk_eof
      - use -1 (instead of "0E0" as signal that no data was available,
        but this was not EOF).

2001-04-28   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.53_93

    Makefile.PL now asks some questions

    Added live tests for the new HTTP/1.1 support

    LWP::MemberMixin: make it possible to set a value to the 'undef' value.

        - transparent support for 'deflate' and 'gzip' transfer encodings
          (need to have the Compress::Zlib module installed for this to work).

2001-04-25   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.53_92

    LWP::Protocol::ftp now support keep-alives too.  The command
    connection will stay open if keep-alives are enabled.

    LWP::Protocol::http11 various fixes:
        - chunked request content did not work
        - monitor connection while sending request content
        - deal with Expect: 100-continue

    LWP::RobotUA: Protect host_port call.  Not all URIs have this method.

2001-04-20   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.53_91

    Introduced LWP::ConnCache module.  Works similar to HTTP::Cookies,
    it that it takes effect if associated with the $ua.

    The handling of $ua->max_size changed to make 0 mean 0
    (not unlimited).  An value of undef means no limit.
    The X-Content-Base header is gone.  I hope nobody relies on
    it.  It might come back if people start to scream.  There
    is a new Client-Aborted header instead.

    The Range header generated for $ua->max_size had a off-by-one
    error.  A range of "0-1" means 2 bytes.

    The LWP::UserAgent constructor now takes configuration arguments.

    Keep-alive and the new HTTP/1.1 module can now be simply
    enabled with something like:

          LWP::UserAgent->new(keep_alive => 1);

    New method $ua->conn_cache to set up and access the associated
    connection manager.

    If the string passed to $ua->agent() ends with space then
    the "libwww-perl/#.##" string is automatically appended.

    New method $ua->_agent

    Passing a plain hash to $ua->cookie_jar automatically loads
    HTTP::Cookies and initialise an object using the hash content
    as constructor arguments.

    LWP::Protocol::http11 now use the conn_cache of the $ua.

    LWP::Protocol::http11 now added a few new Client- headers.

    LWP::Protocol avoid keeping the connection alive if $ua->max_size
    limit prevents the whole body content from being read.

    Net::HTTP updates:
       - new methods: write_chunk(), write_chunk_eof()
       - reset state properly when a new body is read.
       - always set read buffer empty on eof
       - doc update

    WWW::RobotRules patch by Liam Quinn <>:
       - Always qualify netloc with port.
       - Reverse User-Agent substring matching.

2001-04-18   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.53_90

    Note: This is a developer only release.  Not for production use.

    LWP::Protocol::http11 now does keep-alives by default.  Still need
    to figure out what interface to provide at the $ua level.

    LWP::Protocol::http11 deals with CODE content in request.

    Net::HTTP updated:
        - added format_request() method
        - added _rbuf and _rbuf_length methods
        - read_response_headers does not return protocol version
	  any more.
        - peer_http_version method did not work because of typo.
        - documentation added

    New module Net::HTTP::NB.  This is a Net::HTTP subclass that
    is better suited for multiplexing as it is able to do no-blocking
    reads of headers and entity body chunks.

    HTTP::Request: Protect $request->uri against evil $SIG{__DIE__} handlers.

    Some reorganisation in how stuff is passed from $ua to protocol object.
    The $ua is now passed in so protocol objects might store start in it.

    The $ua->max_size default is now 0.

    The $ua->clone method avoids sharing of proxy settings between
    the old and the new.

    This file is renamed to 'Changes' (used to be 'ChangeLog').

2001-04-10   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.53

    LWP::Simple::get() could sometimes return nothing on failure in
    list context.  Now it always returns 'undef'.

    HTTP::Cookies does not request 2 dots on domain names any more.
    New option to hide the Cookie2 header.  Cookie2 header now quote
    the version number. Updated reference to RFC 2965.

    Support for embedded userinfo in http proxy URIs.  It means that
    you know can set up your proxy with things like:
    Patch by John Klar <>.

    Experimental HTTP/1.1 support.  New module called Net::HTTP that
    provide the lower level interface and a LWP::Protocol::http11
    module that builds on it.  The HTTP/1.1 protocol module must be
    loaded and registered explicitly, otherwise the old and trustworthy
    HTTP/1.0 module will be used.

    LWP::Protocol::GHTTP will try to use the get_headers() methods
    so that it can actually extract all the headers.

2001-03-29   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.52

    HTTP::Header: new method $h->init_header() that will only
    set the header if it is not already set.  Some shuffling
    around in the code.

    LWP::UserAgent will not override 'User-Agent', 'From'
    or 'Range' headers if they are explicitly set in the
    request passed in.

    HTML::Form tries to optimize parsing be restricting the
    tags that are reported by HTML::Parser.  Will need
    HTML::Parser v3.19_93 or better for this to actually
    have any effect.

    LWP::Protocol::ftp now deals with path parameters again.
    It means that you can append ";type=a" to ftp-URI and
    it will download the document in ASCII mode.

    If the server output multiple Location headers on a redirect,
    ignore all but the first one.

    Extract cookies failed on request URIs with empty paths.
    This was only triggered if you used URI objects directly in

    This change was actually part of 5.51:  Fix qop="auth"
    handling for Digest authentication.
    Patch by Dave Dunkin <>.

2001-03-14   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.51

    SECURITY FIX: If LWP::UserAgent::env_proxy is called in a CGI
    environment, the case-insensitivity when looking for "http_proxy"
    permits "HTTP_PROXY" to be found, but this can be trivially set by the
    web client using the "Proxy:" header.  The fix applied is that
    $ENV{HTTP_PROXY} is not longer honored for CGI scripts.
    The CGI_HTTP_PROXY environment variable can be used instead.
    Problem reported by Randal L. Schwartz.

    NOTE: It is recommended that everybody that use LWP::UserAgent
          (including LWP::Simple) in CGI scripts upgrade to this release.

    Explicit setting of action on HTML::Form had no effect because
    of a code typo.  Patch by BooK <>.

    HTTP::Daemon: The CONNECT method need special treatment because
    it does not provide a URI as argument (just a "hostname:port").
    The non-upward compatibility warning is that you must now call
    $request->url->host_port to get the host/port string for CONNECT,
    rather than calling $request->url and using the entire string.
    Based on patch from Randal L. Schwartz <>

    HTTP::Daemon: Create self URL based on $self->sockaddr.  This works
    better when LocalAddr is used to specify the port number.  Based on
    patch from Ben Low <>. 

    Avoid potential '<FILE> chunk 1' messages at the end of the response

2001-01-12   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.50

    Fix for test cases that failed because of URI-1.10 now encode
    space as '+' instead of '%20. Patch by Christian Gilmore

    Makefile.PL: Require URI-1.10.

    HTTP::Daemon now accepts any non-space character as method name
    on the request line.  It used to fail on methods like "M-POST"
    because it only allowed \w-chars.

    HTTP::Date now allow fractional seconds in ISO date formats.
    Based on patch from Mark D. Anderson <>

    HTTP::Request::Common will now calculate Content-length
    even if $DYNAMIC_FILE_UPLOAD is set.  Patch provided by
    Lindley, Lee T <>.

2000-12-31   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.49

    HTML::Form: Use croak() instead of die.  Implement
    $f->possible_values.  Avoid use of undef value warnings.

    HTTP::Cookies: fix epath issue.  Make it work for URI::http
    as the uri-attribute of HTTP::Request object

    HTTP::Date: Allow ignored timezone info in parenthesis. Patch
    by Sander van Zoest <>.
    Fix calculation of non-GMT timezones (wrong sign).  Patch by
    KONISHI Katsuhiro <>.

    HTTP::Response: Let $res->base() absolutize the URI.  Based on
    bug report from Hans de Graaff <>.

    Fixed minor doc typos in HTTP::Headers::Util and LWP::UserAgent.

    HTTP::Request::Common: Support boundary spec from client.

    LWP::Simple: Avoid trivial_http_get when @ appears in authority
    part of URI

    LWP::Authen::Digest: Need to have query in URI param. 
    Spotted by <>.

    LWP::Protocol::http: unescape username/password if they are
    specified in the URI.

    Added LWP::Protocol::GHTTP.  This allow LWP to use the HTTP::GHTTP
    module as the low level HTTP driver.

2000-04-09   Gisle Aas <>

    Release 5.48

    README.SSL update by Marko Asplund <>

    Added cookie example to lwpcook.pod

    HTTP::Date::str2time returns undef on failure instead
    of an empty list as suggested by Markus B Krüger <>

    $request->uri($uri) will now always store a copy of the $uri.

    HTTP::Status: Added status codes from RFC 2616 and RFC 2518 (WebDAV)

    LWP::RobotUA will not parse robots.txt unless content type and
    content sample looks right.

    LWP::UserAgent: Deal with multiple WWW-Authenticate headers.
    Patch by Hugo <>

    $ua->proxy can now return the old proxy settings without
    destroying the old one.
    Based on patch by Benjamin Low <>

    LWP::Protocol::http update

        - don't terminate header parsing on bad headers
        - extra_sock_opts
        - preparations for keep alive support
        - method CONNECT

   WWW::RobotRules deal with various absolute URIs in the
   disallow lines.

   Makefile.PL: Make sure we have HTML::TokeParser

   Clean test on VMS.
   Patch by Charles Lane <lane@ DUPHY4.Physics.Drexel.Edu>.

1999-11-16   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.47

 o  Added HTML::Form to the distribution.

 o  LWP::Protocol::ftp: Make it compatible.  We broke it in 5.45.

 o  LWP::Protocol::http: Kill any Connection header

 o  LWP::MediaTypes: Fixed builtin html/text mapping.
    Added bz2 to suffixEncoding

1999-10-28   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.46

 o  Updated mailing list address

 o  Avoid warnings for lwp-request -t

 o  referrer as alternative spelling for referer as suggested by tchrist.

 o  More conservative selection of boundary for multipart messages
    in &HTTP::Request::Common::POST.

 o  LWP::MediaTypes can now export &read_media_types.

 o  Spelling corrections from Ben Tilly <>

1999-09-20   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.45

 o  The LWP SSL support better explained.  Documentation in README.SSL
    and lwpcook.pod contributed by Marko Asplund <>.

 o  LWP::Protocol::https: Try loading IO::Socket::SSL if Net::SSL is
    not available.

 o  lwp-mirror -t option did not work.

 o  defined(@ISA) eliminated. Patch by Nathan Torkington <>

 o  LWP::Protocol::ftp: Protect against empty path_segments

1999-06-25   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.44

 o  We require URI-1.03, since this fix some query quoting stuff
    that HTTP::Request::Common rely upon.

 o  'lwp-request -HUser-Agent:foo' can now be used to set this
    header too.

 o  Localize $/ to ensure standard record separator a few places
    in HTTP::Cookies

 o  LWP::UserAgent will now set the Range header in requests if
    the $ua->max_size attribute is set.

1999-05-09   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.43

 o  New lwp-request command line option that allow you to put any
    header into the request (-H).

 o  New HTTP::Date because of Y2K-problems with the old one.
    It refused to parse the ftp-listing (ls -l) dates missing year.
    Additional entry point is parse_date().  This function avoid any
    limitations caused by the time-representation (seconds since

 o  Y2K fix to t/base/cookies.t.  Netscape's original cookie
    example expires at 09-Nov-99.

 o  Added another binmode() to LWP::Protocol::file as suggested
    by Matt Sergeant <>

1999-03-20   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.42
 o  MacOS patches from Paul J. Schinder <>

 o  Documentation patch from Michael A. Chase <>

 o  PREREQ_PM patch from Andreas Koenig <>
 o  LWP::Simple::head fix by Richard Chen <>
 o  "LWP fails with PerlEXE"-patch from Gurusamy Sarathy

 o  Allow "." in HTTP header names.  Patch by Marc Langheinrich

 o  Fixed reference to $uri->netloc in lwp-request

 o  Cute animation in lwp-download

Mon Nov 19 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.41

 o  HTTP::Cookies provide better Netscape cookies compliance.
    Send back cookies to any port, and allow origin host name to
    be specified as domain, and still be treated as a domain.
    Patch from Andreas Gustafsson <>.

 o  HTTP::Cookies now ignore the Expires field in Set-Cookie, if the
    date provided can't be parsed by HTTP::Date.

 o  HTTP::Daemon will lowercase the hostname returned from
    Sys::Hostname::hostname().  This avoid some test failures in
    the test suite for people with upper- or mixed-cased hostnames.

 o  LWP::Protocol::gopher: IO::Socket::INET ctor did not specify
    Proto => 'tcp'.  This made it less portable to older IO::Socket

 o  No programs installed when you build the Makefile with
    'perl Makefile.PL LIB=/my/lib'

 o  LWP bundle mention Digest::MD5 instead of MD5

 o  headers-auth.t test suite bug triggered by perl5.005_5x.
    Patch by Albert Dvornik <>

 o  The local/http.t test actually did try to unlink(".").  This was
    very confusing on systems where it succeed.

Mon Oct 12 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.40_01

 o  Unbundled URI::URL modules.  You now have to install the module in order to get libwww-perl working.

 o  Made library compatible.  Made all URI object instantiations
    based on $HTTP::URI_CLASS variable.

 o  New lwp-rget option: --referer.
    Patch by INOUE Yoshinari <>.

 o  One more binmode() to HTTP::Daemon as suggested by
    Markus Laker <>.

Tue Aug  4 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.36

 o  The lwp-download script will call $ua->env_proxy now.

 o  The lwp-request script allows content types (specified with the -c
    option) with optional parameters like: multipart/mixed; boundary="--".

 o  LWP::UserAgent will lowercase all authentication parameter names
    before passing it to the authentication module.  Previous releases
    ignored parameters like; Realm="Foo" (bacause Realm contained
    upper case letters).

 o  LWP::Protocol::ftp test for If-Modified-Since was wrong.

 o  How the $url->abs method works can now be configured with the global

 o  The anonymous password guesser for ftp URLs will now call the external
    `whoami` program any more.  Patch by Charles C. Fu <>.

 o  LWP::Protocol::http now allow dynamic requests without any
    Content-Length specified when Content-Type is multipart/*

 o  HTTP::Request::Common can now upload infinite files.
    (Controlled by the $DYNAMIC_FILE_UPLOAD configuration variable.)

Fri Jul 10 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.35

 o  More lwp-rget patches from David D. Kilzer <>.
    Adds the following new options: --iis, --keepext, --tolower

 o  LWP::MediaTypes patches from MacEachern <>.  Adds new
    functions: add_type(), add_encoding(), read_media_types()

Tue Jul  7 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.34

 o  LWP::Protocol::ftp now try to use the MDTM command to support
    the Last-Modified response header as well as
    If-Modified-Since in requests.  Original and final patch by
    Charles C. Fu <>

 o  $url->path_components will not escape "." any more.

 o  WWW::RobotRules will now work for Mac text files too (lines delimited
    by CR only).  Patch by Olly Betts <>

 o  lwp-rget support <area ..> links too.

Thu May  7 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.33

 o  LWP::Simple::get() did try to handle too many of the 3xx
    codes as redirect when it bypasses full LWP.

 o  LWP::UserAgent->mirror will now use utime(2) to set the
    file modification time corresponding to the Last-Modified

 o  LWP::Protocol::http will not modify the HTTP::Request that
    it is processing.  This avoids sticky Host header for

 o  URI::Heuristic and lwp-download documentation update.

Wed Apr 15 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.32

 o  Much improved HTTP::Daemon class. We now support persistent
    connections.  Changes include:
       - $c->get_request can be told to return after reading and
         parsing headers only.
       - $c->reason (new method)
       - $c->read_buffer (new method)
       - $c->proto_ge (new method)
       - $c->force_last_request (new method)
       - $c->send_response now support CODE reference content
         and will use chunked transfer encoding for HTTP/1.1 clients.
       - expanded the documentation.

Fri Apr 10 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.31

 o  Makefile.PL now checks that HTML::HeadParser is present.

 o  Updated HTTP::Cookies according to draft-ietf-http-state-man-mec-08.txt
    It now supports the .local domain and value less 'port' attribute in
    the Set-Cookie2 header.

 o  HTTP::Headers update:
       - $h->content_type now always return a defined value
       - $h->header($field) will now concatenate multi-valued header
         fields with "," as separator in scalar context.

 o  HTTP::Request::Common update:
       - used to destroy the content of the  hash/array arguments
         passed to its constructor functions.
       - allow a hash reference to specify form-data content.
       - you can override Content-Disposition for form-data now.
       - set content-encoding for files if applicable
       - default boundary string is now always "--000"

 o  LWP::UserAgent will not follow more than 13 redirects

Wed Apr  1 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.30

 o  Unbundled the following modules:

       * HTML-Parser  (HTML::Parser, HTML::Entites, HTML::LinkExtor,...)
       * HTML-Tree    (HTML::Element, HTML::TreeBuilder,...)
       * Font-AFM     (Font::AFM, Font::Metrics::*)
       * File-CounterFile

 o  Simplified internal structure of HTML::Headers.  Hopefully,
    nobody will notice.

 o  New modules HTTP::Headers::Auth,  HTTP::Headers::ETag that adds
    additional convenience methods to the HTTP::Headers class.

 o  Removed split_etag_list() from HTTP::Headers::Util, in the hope
    that nobody had starting using it.

Tue Mar 24 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.22

 o  HTTP::Cookies made more compatible with Netscape cookies.  Allow
    the domain to match host, allow dots in the part of the hostname
    not covered by domain.  Don't quote the cookie value even when it
    contains non-token chars.  Based on patch from Kartik Subbarao

 o  Updated HTTP::Status to reflect <draft-ietf-http-v11-spec-rev-03>.
    RC_MOVED_TEMPORARILY renamed to RC_FOUND.  Added codes
    Slightly more documentation too.

 o  The split_header_words() function HTTP::Headers::Util could go
    into infinite loop on some header values.  Implemented split_etag_list()
    too.  Added more documentation and test script for this module.

 o  LWP::Simple now switch to full LWP implementation even for systems
    that force all environment keys to be upper case.  Modification
    suggested by Dale Couch <>.

 o  LWP::UserAgent allows redirects to a relative URL with scheme to be
    made.  Suggested by Chris W. Unger <>.

 o  Applied patches from <>.  It can now
    extract information from the HTML40.dtd

Thu Mar 12 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.21

 o  lwp-rget patches from David D. Kilzer <>
    (modified by Gisle).  Support the --hier  and the --auth options
    and <frame>s.

 o  File::CounterFile protect against bad $/ and $\ as suggested
    by Frank Hoehne.
 o  File::Listing used "next" when return was more appropriate.
    Patch by

 o  HTML::Element support for multiple boolean attributes for a single
    element.  Patch by Philip Guenther.

 o  Can set $HTTP::Headers::TRANSLATE_UNDERSCORE to FALSE value to
    suppress tr/_/-/ of header keys.

 o  LWP::Protocol::http will not initialize the Host header if it is
    already set.

 o  LWP::Protocol::http did not handle responses with no header lines
    correctly.  Patch by Daniel Buenzli <>

 o  $url->rel() handles path segments without leading "/" better.

Fri Feb 13 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.20

 o  Fixed the "500 Offset outside string" bug that affected perl
    5.004_03 and older version of Perl.

 o  Fixed a documentation typo spotted by Michael Quaranta

 o  HTTP::Date: Protect against croaking from timegm/timelocal.

Mon Jan 26 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.19

 o  HTML::Parser does not call $self->text() callback for empty text
    any more.

 o  LWP::Protocol::https was noisy when connections failed and the
    script was running with '-w' (noise inherited from IO::Socket::INET)

 o  $ua->use_alarm(BOOL) now gives a warning if running with -w

Tue Jan 20 1998   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Developer release 5.18_05

 o  HTTPS support based on my Crypt-SSLeay module.  The Net-SSLeay module
    is not supported any more.

 o  lwp-request documentation typo spotted Martijn Koster.

 o  Removed superfluous \\ in the URI::Escape regex. This was also
    spotted by Martijn.

 o  File::Listing now handles timezones correctly.

 o  Added $VERSION to modules that was missing it.

 o  Added 'use strict' to several modules that was missing it.

 o  LWP::Protocol::http now adds the Client-Peer header to responses and
    has hooks for more callbacks.

 o  LWP::Protocol::https adds Client-SSL-Cipher, Client-SSL-Cert-Subject
    and Client-SSL-Cert-Issuer headers to the response.  The requests can
    also be made conditional based on the peer certificate using the
    If-SSL-Cert-Subject header in requests.

 o  HTML::Parse is back.  (It was even used in lwpcook.pod)

Wed Dec 17 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Developer release 5.18_04

 o  Makefile.PL fix based on report from Pon Hwa Lin <>

 o  lwp-request will now print the response code message with -s and -S

 o  Hide IO::Socket::INET noise when running under -w

 o  Don't set 'Content-Length: 0' in HTTP requests.

 o  LWP::Protocol::http now calls LWP::Debug::conns again

Tue Dec 16 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Developer release 5.18_03

 o  Got rid of alarms() and replaced LWP::Socket with IO::Socket::INET.
    New protocol implementations for http, https, gopher, nntp.
    $ua->use_alarm() is now a noop.

 o  LWP::Protocol::ftp patch from  Tony Finch <>.

 o  Removed depreciated modules from the distibution; HTML::Parse,
    LWP::Socket, LWP::SecureSocket, LWP::IO, LWP::TkIO.

Fri Dec 12 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.18

 o  HTTP authorization patches from Tony Finch <>.
    Allows "user:pass@" in HTTP URLs.

 o  HTML::Parser patch by Brian McCauley <>.
    Pass original text to end() method.

 o  The HTML::Parser->netscape_buggy_comment method is depreciated.
    Use HTML::Parser->strict_comment instead.  The default value
    has changed with the name.

 o  Some HTML::Parser optimization tweaks.

 o  New module named HTML::Filter

 o  Updated HTTP::Headers to the latest HTTP spec.  Added knowledge
    about the "Trailer", "Expect", "TE", "Accept-Range" headers.
    "Public" header is gone.

 o  Added some more header convenience methods: if_unmodified_since,
    content_language, and proxy_authorization methods.

 o  HTTP::{Request,Response}->clone can handle subclasses now.

 o  HTTP::Request->url() can now undefine the URL.

 o  HTTP::{Request,Response}->as_string format looks more like
    the HTTP protocol formatting now.  Dashed lines above and
    below is gone.

 o  Documented HTTP::Response->status_line method

 o  Compressed HTML::Response->error_as_HTML output

 o  HTTP::Status updated to latest HTTP spec.  Added 

Tue Dec  2 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.17

 o  All authentication handling moved out of LWP::UserAgent and into
    LWP::Authen::Basic and LWP::Authen::Digest.  We now also support

 o  HTML::Formatter will always add a blank line for <br>.

 o  Avoid use of uninitialized value in HTTP::Daemon.

 o  HTTP::Date allows seconds when recognizing 'ls -l' dates.  This
    allows us to parse syslog time stamps.

 o  HTTP::Request::Common::POST allows a hash reference as second
    argument (in addition to an array reference).

 o  LWP::Simple will initialize the $ua if it is exported.

 o  Various documentation updates.

Fri Nov 21 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.16

 o  LWP::Simple::head() would die in array context because str2time
    was not imported any more.

 o  HTTP::Daemon->accept now takes an optional package argument like
    IO::Socket->accept does.

 o  Made HTTP::Request and HTTP::Response subclassable.

 o  Added Proxy-Authorization example to lwpcook.

Thu Nov  6 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.15

 o  New module URI::Heuristic

 o  The lwp-request script now use URI::Heuristic for it's URL arguments.
    It means that 'lwp-request perl' will not get a file called "./perl"
    but will fetch the page "" or something similar.
    If you want to get the file you have to prefix it with "./".  Full
    URLs are never affected by this.

 o  LWP::Simple::get() will bypass LWP for simple HTTP requests.  This
    should make it somewhat faster.

 o  LWP::RobotUA has a new method called $ua->use_sleep() that
    controls how niceness towards the servers are enforced.
    Previously $ua->use_alarm() used to control this, but this did
    not work well on Win32 systems.

 o  URI::URL::rel() will handle URLs to a fragment within the same
    document better. Initial patch from Nicolai Langfeldt

 o  HTML::Element don't consider </th>, </tr> and </td> optional any
    more.  I wonder how Netscape managed to not implement this
    correctly all this time.

 o  Added lots of modern tags to HTML::AsSubs.

 o  HTTP::Request::Common will read uploaded files in binmode().
    This should be better for Win32 systems.  Contributed by

Sun Oct 12 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.14

 o  HTML::Formatter patches from Andreas Gustafsson <>.
    The formatters handling of whitespace is much better now.  Thanks!

 o  HTML::FormatText: can specify margins in the constructor.

 o  URI::URL: the base will be absolutized internally now.

 o  URI::URL will take advantage of void context provided by perl5.004.
    This means that using $u->path and $u->query should be safer now.

 o  URI::URL->print_on defaults to STDERR now (used to be STDOUT).

 o  URI::URL: removed version 3 compatibility stuff ($COMPAT_VER_3).

 o  $ua->mirror should work better on dosish systems (can not
    rename when target file exists).

 o  Typo in lwp-download prevented it from compiling.

 o  Some minor documentations typos corrected.

Sat Sep 20 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.13

 o  Brand new module called HTTP::Cookies.  It stores cookies
    (Set-Cookie and Set-Cookie2 headers) from responses and can
    create appropriate Cookie headers for requests.  It can also
    share cookie files with Netscape.

 o  LWP::UserAgent now support the cookie_jar() attribute.  When
    set to an HTTP::Cookies object, it will automatically manage
    the cookies sent to the servers.  Off by default.

 o  New header utility functions in HTTP::Headers::Util.

 o  Win32 and OS/2 patches for the lwp-xxx utilities.  Turn on
    binary mode by default (option to turn it off), avoid modifying $0,
    and don't be confused about suffixes in the script names.
    Contributed by Ben Coleman <>

 o  OpenVMS patch for Font:AFM by Brad Hughes <>

Fri Sep  5 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.12

 o  decode_entities() would sometimes introduce ";" after
    things that looked like they were entities.

 o  HTML::LinkExtor knows about <applet code="...">

 o  Patch from Gary Shea <> that makes the
    tests work even if perl is not called "perl"

 o  HTTP::Date handles 12:00PM correctly now. Patch from
    William York <>

 o  HTTP::Request::Common don't quote the boundary string for
    multipart/form-data messages any more.

 o  Font::AFM works for encodings where .notdef is defined to
    have some size.  Documentation and efficiency update.

Wed Aug  6 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.11

 o  Perl version 5.004 is now required for libwww-perl.

 o  Win32 patches from Gurusamy Sarathy <>.
    Now passes all tests on that platform.

 o  HTTPS support contributed by Josh Kronengold <>

 o  Support hex entities &#xFF;  HTML::Entities::(en|de)code only
    modify their argument in void context.

 o  Fixed formatter bug with <font> tags which did not specify size.

 o  Better HTML::HeadParser documentation

 o  Fixed HTML::LinkExtor documentation typo spotted by Martijn.

 o  HTTP::Request::Common now use CRLF for multipart/form-data

Fri Jun 20 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.10

 o  Make '+' a reserved URL character.  Decode unescaped '+' as
    space in $url->query_form().

 o  Use $Config{d_alarm} to determine default for $ua->use_alarm()

Tue Jun 10 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.09

 o  Removed the MIME modules from the distribution.  They are distributed
    separately now.

 o  Added a new module called HTTP::Request::Common

 o  Improved HTTP::Status documentation.  It is now also possible
    to import the is_client_error/is_server_error functions.

 o  LWP::MediaTypes::guess_media_type() can now take an optional
    HTTP::Header parameter.

 o  LWP::Protocol ensures that scheme is legal as module name.

 o  LWP::Protocol::http is not as strict when trying to verify the
    method name.  It now also accepts responses without a message
    on the status line.

 o  WWW::RobotRules::AnyDBM_File: Some DBMs fail to allow multiple
    opens of the same file.  Patch from Mark James <>

 o  Created Bundle::LWP

Sat Apr  5 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.08

 o  Made libwww-perl warning compatible with upcoming perl5.004beta2
    (aka 5.003_98)

 o  encode_base64() did not work properly if pos() of the string to
    encode was different from 0.

 o  HTML::Parser was confused about "</" when it did not start an end tag.

 o  HTML::FormatPS will provide ISOLatin1Encoding in its output.

 o  Calling HTML::LinkExtor->links will clear out old links.

 o  url()->rel($base) would ignore the $base argument.

 o  Don't croak() when setting url()->path().

Tue Feb 11 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.07

 o  Can limit the size of the response content with $ua->max_size()

 o  Added time2iso() functions to HTTP::Date.

 o  Made LWP::Protocol::http more portable to the MacPerl. /./ match
    different things on MacPerl.

Mon Jan 27 1997   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.06

 o  URI::URL is now compatible with perl5.004 overloading.

 o  HTML::HeadParser makes X-Meta-Name headers for <meta> elements
    that does not specify an 'http-equiv' attribute.

 o  URI::URL::ftp does not die if Net::Domain is not installed and
    you ask for an anonymous username or password.

 o  WWW::RobotRules:  The robots.txt parser did not ignore comment lines
    as it should.

 o  LWP::Protocol::http is more forgiving towards servers that return
    bad responses.

 o  Allow "?" before search string in gopher URLs.

 o  LWP::Protocol::file did not escape funny filenames when generating
    HTML directory listings.

 o  LWP::Protocol::ftp now gets the Content-Encoding correct. 'CODE'
    content in PUT requests also work now.

 o  Relative locations in redirects did not work with URI::URL::strict.

 o  OS/2 portability patches from Ilya Zakharevich

 o  LWP::Authen::* patch from Doug MacEachern

 o  Support experimental data:- URLs

 o  Some tests (those using HTTP::Daemon) now die more gracefully if
    IO::* modules is not installed.

Wed Dec  4 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.05

 o  LWP::UserAgent::simple_request: local($SIG{__DIE__}) protects us
    against user defined die handlers.
 o  Use Net::Domain (instead of Sys::Hostname) to determine FQDN.  It
    is used by URI::URL when it determines anonymous ftp login address.
 o  lwp-download: New program in the bin directory

 o  HTML::Parser: Allow '_' in attribute names.  This makes it possible
    to parse Netscape's bookmarks.html file.

 o  HTTP::Daemon: Fixed chunked transfer encoding and multipart content
    in get_request().  Support HTTP/0.9 clients.

 o  Don't clobber regex variables when HTTP::Message delegates methods
    to the header.

 o  Base64::decode_base64 now checks that the length input string to
    decode is a multiple of 4.

 o  t/robot/rules-dbm.t clean up better and will use AnyDBM for dumping

 o  File::CounterFile: $/ strikes again by Andreas König

 o  File::Listing updates from William York <>. We
    can now parse the MS-Windows ftp server listings.

 o  HTTP::Date now supports the MS-Windows 'dir' date format.  Patch by
    William York.

 o  LWP::MediaTypes::media_suffix will return first type in scalar context.

Tue Oct 22 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.04

 o  Added HTTP::Daemon.  This is a HTTP/1.1 server class.  This means
    that libwww-perl no longer is a client library only.  The HTTP::Daemon
    is also used in the new test suite.

 o  HTTP::Message support the protocol() method.  Used by HTTP::Daemon.

 o  HTTP::Response can be constructed with a header and content as

 o  Typo corrections in the documentation.

 o  File::Listing::parse_dir accepts "GMT" as timezone now.

 o  HTML::Parser will call the start() method with two new parameters;
    $attrseq, $origtext.

 o  Integrated HTML::FormatPS patches from
    Jim Stern <>

 o  Class modules don't inherit from AutoLoader any more.  They just
    import the AUTOLOAD method.

 o  LWP::Protocol will untaints scheme before loading protocol module.

 o  Digest does not send "opaque" if it was not present in the request.
    The "Extension" header is not returned any more.

 o  New method: $url->crack that will return a list of the various
    elements in a URI::URL.

 o  WWW::RobotRules did not use the agent() method when determining
    who we are.  This affected WWW::RobotRules::AnyDBM_File parsing
    for robots.txt.  Visit count did not increment for

Tue Oct  1 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.03

 o  Hakan Ardo's persistent robot rules is now part of the standard
    distribution.  This is still experimental and might change in the
    future.  It includes the new WWW::RobotRules::AnyDBM_File class
    and updates to LWP::RobotUA.

 o  HTML::Parser now supports buggy Netscape comment parsing.  Enable
    it by calling $p->netscape_buggy_comment(1).  The previous version
    of the parser could also (under very unlucky and unlikely
    circumstances) call the $self->comment() method several times for
    the same comment text.

 o  HTML::Parser: Use new $p->eof to signal end of document instead of

 o  HTML::Element::starttag() is now smarter about which quotes it
    use around attribute values.

 o  New HTTP::Response methods: current_age(), freshness_lifetime(),
    is_fresh(), fresh_until().

 o  HTTP::Message:  New method ($mess->content_ref) which will return
    a reference to the current content.

 o  URI::URL:  New method ($url->rel) which does the opposite of abs().
    Example: url("http://host/a/b/c", "http://host/c/d/e")->rel would
    return url("../../a/b/c", "http://host/c/d/e").  This was
    suggested by Nicolai Langfeldt <>

 o  URI::URL:  $url->query_form can now take array references as value
    specification.  For instance: $url->query_form(foo => ['bar', 'baz']

 o  Avoid '"my" variable $var masks earlier declaration in same scope'
    warnings in perl5.003_05.

Wed Sep 11 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.02

 o  lwp-rget:  Initialize proxy settings from envirionment

 o  HTML::Entities::encode_entities: Don't encode $ and %

 o  HTML::LinkExtor::links: Now works when no links were found.

 o  HTTP::Headers::as_string: Allow \n in header value

Tue Aug  1 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.01.

 o  Updated ftp protocol module to be compatible with Net::FTP 
    version 2.00 (the version found in libnet-1.00)

 o  New HTML parser module called HTML::LinkExtor

 o  Various documentation typo corrections.  Most of these contributed
    by Bob Dalgleish.

 o  HTML::HeadParser updates 'Content-Base' instead of 'Base'.  It also
    updates the 'Link' header based on <link ...>

 o  HTTP::Headers and HTTP::Status updated according to

 o  HTTP::Headers can now use "_" as alternative to "-" in field names.

 o  HTTP::Response::base now looks for 'Content-Base',
    'Content-Location' and 'Base' headers.

 o  Avoid warning in LWP::MediaTypes if $ENV{HOME} is not defined.

 o  The new $ua->parse_head() method can be used to turn off
    automatic initialization of response headers from the <HEAD>
    section of HTML documents.

 o  Added eq() method for URI::URL objects

 o  The HTML::Formatter recovers even if a handle method is not defined
    for all tags found during traversal

Sun May 26 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5.00.

 o  LWP::Simple::head() now return something useful in scalar context.

 o  Rewritten the HTML::Parse stuff.  Introduced the HTML::Parser class
    that will tokenize a HTML document.  The rest of the old
    HTML::Parse functionality has moved to HTML::TreeBuilder class.
    Note, that the HTML stuff is still alpha.

 o  Implemented HTML::HeadParser.  This is a lightweight parser for
    the <HEAD> section of a HTML document.

 o  HTML::Element had problem with presenting things like <foo

 o  HTML::Entities: Included additional ISO-8859/1 entities listed in

 o  HTML::AsSubs exported 'header' instead of 'head'

 o  We know about a few more of the HTML 3.2 element.

 o  HTTP::Date had problems with years before 1970, because Time::Local
    went into an infinite loop.  Check for this.

 o  Added $header->title method.

 o  Made $header->authorization_basic return "uname:passwd" in scalar

 o  LWP::Protocol::collect() will let the HTML::HeadParser look at the
    document content as it arrives.  This will initialize headers from
    elements like <base href="...">, <title>...</title> and <meta
    http-equiv="..." ...>.

 o  Simplified $response->base implementation, because we don't have
    to look into the content any more.

 o  Added -quiet option to lwp-rget

 o  Typo fixes and some documentation additions.

Thu May  9 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5b13

 o  Made URI::URL::strict(0) the default.  I got tired of all this
    eval { } stuff just to recover.  The URI::URL::strict'ness also
    determine if calling some standard method that happens to be
    illegal for some protocol scheme will croak or just be ignored.

    at places where we <> or print.

 o  Always localize $_ before any 'while(<FILE>) {}'-loops

 o  Implemented $protocol->collect_once() and simplified several
    of the protocol implementations by using it.

 o  The HTML parser used to get it wrong if you were unlucky about the
    breakup of the text. An example of broken behaviour was this:

        $html = parse_html "<!-- A comment -";
        $html = parse_html "-> and some text.";

 o  The HTML parser does not ignore whitespace-only text any more.

 o  HTML::Parse warnings are now optional and turned off by default.

 o  New start for $html->as_HTML().

 o  Fixed some typos

Wed Apr 24 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5b12

 o  New utility program called 'lwp-rget'.

 o  $response->base was broken for HTML documents

 o  New fancy LWP::Debug import() method.  Can now turn on debugging with
    "use LWP::Debug '+';"

 o  Trap exceptions (die) from the response callback routine

 o  The RobotUA now requires an e-mail address of the person reponsible
    for the robot.

 o  New $ua->from() method.

 o  Support for gopher Index-Search (gopher type '7' requests).
    Contributed by Harry Bochner <>

 o  Cleaned up white-space usage in the source.

Wed Apr  3 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5b11

 o  Implemented a NNTP protocol module.  The library can now fetch and
    post news articles.

 o  More documentation

 o  Don't look at the URI header for redirects

 o  New $res->base() method for HTTP::Responses

 o  Graham Barr's patch to File::Listing to make it more OO internally

 o  content_type() return value is canonicalized

 o  $ua->request() does not die on bad URLs any more

 o  LWP::MediaTypes merge all media.types files that if finds

 o  FTP request with content to file or callback did not work

 o  The value of HTTP Host: header is now $url->netloc;

 o  The URI::URL constructor now accept URLs wrapped up in "<>"

 o  $url->abs() now has a second optional argument that makes it accept
    that relative URLs can have scheme, i.e. treat "http:img.gif" as a
    relative URL.

 o  Added prototypes to the HTTP::Status::is_xxx() functions

 o  Added prototypes to the MIME:: encoding/decoding functions

 o  Always return scheme for mailto and news URLs (as_string)

 o  RobotRules patches from Henry A Rowley.

 o  More tests

 o  <SMALL> and <BIG> again

Thu Mar 14 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5b10

 o  GET ftp://host/doc was never successful for normal files.

 o  LWP::Socket: read_until() did not notice EOF condidtion.  I.e. if
    a HTTP server closed the connection before any output was generated,
    the we continued to read 0 bytes in a busy loop until the alarm()
    killed us.

 o  Added support for Digest Access Authentication.  Contributed by
    Doug MacEachern <>.

 o  Makefile.PL: check for MD5 library

 o  No longer print message content in HTTP::Response::error_as_HTML()

 o  Access to "file:/path" gave warning when the envirionment variable
    no_proxy was set.

 o  The http-post test sends a Content-Type header.  Some servers hang
    if this header is missing.

 o  HTML::Parse:
     -   allow <SMALL> and <BIG> tags
     -   allow empty attribute values

Tue Mar  5 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5b9

 o  Started to write on the libwww-perl cookbook (lwpcook.pod)

 o  The URI::URL module now exports the function url().  This is an
    alternative (easy to use) constructor function.

 o  Expanding relative file URLs starting with "#" did not work.

 o  Fixed autoloaded DESTROY problem by adding empty DESTROY routine
    to URI::URL.

 o  Does not try generate password for ftp-URLs unless the username is
    "anonymous" or "ftp"

 o  The LWP::Simple user agent proxy settings are intialized from
    the proxy environment variables. 

 o  LWP::Protocol::ftp: Use the Net::FTP library to access ftp servers.
    Convert directories to HTML on request (Accept: text/html).

 o  New module HTTP::Negotiate

 o  New module File::Listing

 o  HTTP::Date::str2time can parse a few more formats, like the 'ls -l'
    format and ISO 8601.  The function now also takes an optional second
    parameter which specify a default time zone.

 o  Added prototypes to the HTTP::Date functions.

 o  The library adds a timestamp to responses ("Client-Date")

 o  HTTP::Status:  Updated to proposed HTTP/1.1

 o  HTTP::Headers: Updated to proposed HTTP/1.1

 o  LWP::Protocol::http:  Updated to HTTP/1.1 methods

 o  Took out stringify overloading in HTML::Element.

Mon Feb 26 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5b8

 o  Renamed functions using thisStyleOfNames to this_style_of_names.
    Provided a script called 'update_from_5b7'

 o  Renamed the 'request' and 'mirror' scripts to 'lwp-request' and
    'lwp-mirror'.  The GET, POST, HEAD aliases for 'lwp-request' are
    the same.

 o  Implemented LWP::RobotUA

 o  Class name for RobotRules did not match the file name

 o  URI::URL
      - perl5.002gamma is required (because use vars).
      - The leading slash in now part of the path if it is present.
      - More documentation
      - Use AutoLoader to speed things up.
      - New class URI::URL::_login and made telnet, rlogin, tn3270
        subclasses from this one.
      - URI::URL::wais is better supported.
      - URI::URL::news is better supported.
      - New URI::URL::mailto methods: user/host

 o  HTTP::Date::time2str now works correctly with '0' as argument

 o  HTTP::Message delegates unknown methods to the headers.

 o  HTTP::Request::uri is an alias for HTTP::Request::url.  Can set
    the URL to undef.

 o  Added convenience methods to HTTP::Headers for easy access to
    frequently used headers.

 o  Simplified LWP::Debug

 o  Use standard AutoLoader for LWP::IO functions.

 o  Played with the profiler (Devel::DProf) and made some things
    go quicker.

 o  Included the File::CounterFile module.  Excluded Mail::Cap module
    as it is also part of the MailTools package.

Mon Feb  5 1996   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5b7

 o  Perl5.002 is required now

 o  Rewrite of the URI::URL module (version 4.00)
      - escaping/unsafe stuff redone (and removed)
      - URI::URL::_generic moved out of
      - netloc, path, params, query is now stored internally in escaped form
      - new methods for URI::URL::_generic are:
      - new methods for URI::URL::http are:
      - new methods for URI::URL::file are:

 o  URI::Escape now semi-compile regular expressions (by evaling an
    anonymous sub).  Same techinque is also used in HTML::Entities.

 o  HTTP::Date parser rewritten using regular expressions.

 o  HTTP::Headers->as_string() now croaks if any field values
    contain newline.

 o  HTTP::Status constants use empty prototype.

 o  Font metrics moved to a new subdirectory (lib/Font/Metrics)

 o  Don't use the VERSION script any more (even if it was very clever)

 o  HTML::Entities will now export the names decode_entities() and

 o  Andreas Koenig's black patch to HTML::Element.

 o  The HTML::Formatter now knows about <menu> and <dir> tags

 o  The construct "defined ref($arg)" did not work on perl5.002
    becase ref now always return something defined.

 o  LWP::UserAgent sends by default an 'User-Agent' header.

 o  LWP::Simple sends 'User-Agent' header to servers.

 o  Updated the LWP::Socket module to use the new interface.

 o  LWP::Protocol::http sends the new HTTP/1.1 'Host' header.

 o  LWP::Protocol::file use $url->local_path to get a file to open.
    It also inserts a <BASE> tag in directories instead of a redirect.

 o  MIME::Base64 routines can be called as MIME::Base64::encode() and
    MIME::Base64::decode().  Same kind of thing for QuotedPrint.

Mon Nov  6 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5b6

 o  Installation should work better for those that still runs
    perl4 as 'perl'.  The mirror script is not installed by

 o  LWP::Socket::_getaddress() Numerical IP adresses did not work.

 o  LWP::Socket::pushback() did not work.  This also avoids the bad
    pp_select() core dump from perl.

 o  LWP::IO now also selects on socket exceptions.

 o  HTML::Parse:  Ignore <!DOCTYPE ...> regardless for case.  Some
    bad insertElement() calls made infinite loops.

 o  The uri.t test works better for places where /tmp is a sym-link.

Sat Sep 16 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 5b5

 o  newlocal URI::URL does not put "//localhost" into the URLs any

 o  The request program: New -o option to reformat the HTML code
    New -C option to provide credentials on the command line.
    The -b option never worked.

 o  LWP::Protocol::file now returns redirect for access to directories
    where the trailing slash is missing.

Thu Sep 14 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Speedups and bug fixes in the HTML parser.  The parser now
    understands some more depreciated tags (like <xmp> and <listing>).

 o  HTML::Elements are now stingified using perl overloading.
    The interface to the traverse() callback has changed.

 o  Implemented HTML formatters for plain text and Postscript.

 o  Added lib/Font stuff to support the Postscript formatter.

 o  Inspired by Tim Bunce, I implemented the HTML::AsSubs module.
    Don't know if it is really useful.

 o  The local/get test does not use /etc/passwd any more.

Thu Sep  7 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Changed package name to libwww-perl-5xx

 o  Made LWP::Protocol::ftp actually transfer data

 o  Implemented methods for LWP::Socket to act as a server:
    bind(), listen(), accept(), getsockname(), host(), port()

Wed Sep  6 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 0.04

 o  Implemented modules to parse HTML.

Mon Sep  4 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Implemented Mail::Cap which will become part of the MailTools

 o  Moved Base64 to MIME::Base64.  Reimplemented MIME::Base64 by using
    [un]pack("u",...)   Implemented LWP::MIME::QuotedPrint for
    completness sake.  Routine names has changed as suggested by Tim

 o  LWP::MediaType reads default types from media.types file.
    guessMediaType() now also returns encodings.  New function mediaSuffix()

 o  Pass $url to $ua->getBasicCredentials().  This also fixes security
    hole with the old implementation of getBasicCredentials().

 o  LWP::Protocol::file now sets Content-Encoding headers

 o  Allow request content to be provided by a callback routine.

 o  Fix bug that prevented response callback to work.  The first parameter
    (data) is no longer a reference, because $_[0] is already a reference.
    Don't callback unless successful response.  Callbacks during redirects
    was confusing.

 o  URI::URL.  Remove port from netloc if it is the default port.
    Don't use anything, just require.

 o  HTTP::Message->addContent() does not need a reference parameter.

 o  LWP::Socket->open() has been renamed top LWP::Socket->connect()
    LWP::Socket->close has gone.  Implemented new method LWP::Socket->read()
    that returns as fast as it has some data to offer.  Implemented

 o  Does not die in LWP::UserAgent->request()

 o  LWP::Socket now use LWP::IO for low level IO

 o  Implemented LWP::TkIO as a replacement module for LWP::IO when using Tk.

Thu Aug 17 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  $ua->redirectOK() for checking redirects

 o  reorganized tests in the "t" directory.

Fri Aug 11 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 0.03

 o  Included from Martijn Koster

Thu Aug 10 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  New module URI::Escape (URI::URL use this module for default
    escaping) that provide the uri_escape() and uri_unescape()

 o  Setting $url->scheme now changes the class of the object.

 o  Made $httpurl->user() and $httpurl->password() illegal.
    Likewise for other URL schemes.

Wed Aug  9 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Reorganisation as discussed on <>
       LWP::Date       --> HTTP::Date
       LWP::MIMEheader --> HTTP::Headers
       LWP::StatusCode --> HTTP::Status
       LWP::Message    --> HTTP::Message
       LWP::Request    --> HTTP::Request
       LWP::Response   --> HTTP::Response
       LWP::MIMEtypes  --> LWP::MediaTypes

 o  HTTP::Date parses ctime format with missing timezone as suggested
    by Roy Fielding <>

 o  HTTP::Status and LWP::MediaTypes exports their functions by default.

 o  Splitted up the URI::URL module.  Schemes are implemented by separate
    files that are autoloaded when used.  Self test moved to "t/uri.t".

Mon Aug  7 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Applied patch from Marc Hedlund <>
       - Update the @header_order according to the August 3rd draft.
       - Added Response Header fields: 'Location', 'Public', 'Retry-After',
         'Server', and 'WWW-Authenticate'.
       - Moved 'unknown header' handling from &scan to &header. The old
         implementation was forcing all unknown header-words to begin with
	 an uppercase (as it should be), but disallowed other uppercase
       - updates the status code messages under the August
         3rd HTTP/1.0 draft.  '203' became 'Non-Authoritative Information',
	 '303' became 'See Other', and a new code,
	 '411 Authorization Refused', was added.

 o  Can remove multiple headers with single removeHeader() call in MIMEheader.

 o  Can assign multiple field/value pairs in header() method of MIMEheader.

 o  A field with multiple values is printed as separate values in

 o  LWP::Response contain new attributes: previous() and request().  These
    attributes are updated by the UserAgent.

 o  Appended \n to some die statements in Socket so that line numbers are
    suppressed in error messages.

 o  Made UserAgent::clone work for reference members

 o  Check for redirect loops and multiple authorization failures by
    examination of the response chain.

 o  Use "\015\012" instead of "\r\n" in protocol modules.  Some systems
    define \r and \n differently.

 o  request program can now handle documents that needs autorization by
    prompting the user for username/password. Added new -S option to print
    request/response chain.

Tue Jul 25 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Release 0.02

 o  Included URI::URL in the release

Mon Jul 24 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Incorporated Makemake.PL and VERSION from Andreas Koenig <>
    As a result of this the following things have changed:
       - programs in "bin" are extracted from .PL-files
       - reintroduced "lib"
       - "test" has been renamed as "t"
       - test programs in "t" has been made Test::Harness compatible
       - we now have a MANIFEST file
       - no more need fro update_version, make-dist, lwp-install

 o  Renamed bin/get to bin/request.  Links to it are now all upper case.

 o  Proxy support in bin/request (provided by Martijn Koster)

 o  UserAgent can now load proxy settings from environment

 o  LWP::Protocol::ftp is under way but not really finished

Tue Jul 18 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Implemented LWP::Protocol::gopher

 o  Implemented LWP::Protocol::mailto

 o  Fixed proxy typo

Mon Jul 17 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Made release 0.01

Mon Jul 17 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Don't loose first line of HTTP/0.9 requests

 o  LWP::Socket use syswrite() for writing

 o  Added RC_* documentation to LWP::StatusCode

 o  LWP::Date now use hash to look up month numbers

 o  Added -f option to "get"

 o  Untabify

 o  Added a "TODO" list

 o  Fixed various typos

Fri Jul 14 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Reorganized directories.  Moved up.  Moved and
    into the LWP::Protocol direcotory.  Moved LWP out of the lib directory
    and removed lib.

 o  Implemented the "get" and "mirror" scripts in the "bin" directory.

 o  Implemented "install-lwp", "update_version" and "make-dist".  The library
    version number is found in the VERSION file.

 o  Always adds 1900 to the year in LWP::Date

 o  In LWP::MIMEheader:  Implemented clone(), removeHeader() and scan() 
    methods.  Reimplemented asString.  Removed asMIME().  Moved "Good
    Practice" into this file, and reimplemented it.

 o  Moved "header" and "content" into LWP::Message class.  This change made
    LWP::Request and LWP::Response much simpler.  Made clone() method
    actually work.

 o  LWP::Protocol::implementor does not die if it cannot load package.

 o  Moved UserAgent convenience methods into LWP::Simple.  Made LWP::Simple
    export LWP::StatusCode symbols and functions.

 o  Implemented $ua->isProtocolSupported($scheme) method.

 o  Nicer directory listing in

 o  Rely on URI::URL 3.00 behaviour for $url->full_path

 o  Library version number now in  You should be able to say
    "use LWP 1.0;" if you need at least this version.

 o  Various cleanups and arranging layout as I like it.  Use fooBar-style
    (as opposed to foo_bar stype) everywhere.  This means that as_string()
    now is called asString().

 o  Added more documentation.

Wed Jun 14 1995   Gisle Aas <>

 o  Removed lot of rendundant & before function calls.

 o  $this --> $self

 o  &collector passes content as a reference, don't want to copy so much

 o  parameterlist to collect callback has been rearranged

 o  Response::addContent gets a reference to the data

 o  Added some callback documentation to

 o  Protocol::file now uses the collector

 o  Introduced LWP::Simple

Sun Jun 11 1995   Martijn Koster <>

 o  Added basic authentication support

 o  Added mirroring of single documents

 o  Change Protocol construction from whacky (constructor returns
    subclass) to more normal C++'ish way.

Wed June 7 1995   Martijn Koster <>

 o  Minor cleanups from printed code inspection

Wed May 24 1995   Martijn Koster <>

 o  Added redirection resolution

 o  Added optional autoloading of protocols

Tue May 23 1995   Martijn Koster <>

 o  Separated socket stuff into separate module

 o  Added HTTP proxy support

 o  Made alarm handling optional

 o  Added a LWP::Message for completeness sake

 o  Added LWP::MemberMixin to reduce code duplication

 o  Cosmetic changes to LWP::Date

 o  Renamed LWP::Error to LWP::StatusCode

 o  Renamed LWP::MIME to LWP::MIMEtype

 o  Changed the tests to cope with all this

It's getting there...

Mon May 22 1995   Martijn Koster <>

 o  Changed the socket reading to use sysread.  This will have to go
    into a module of its own.

Thu 18 May 1995   Martijn Koster <>

 o  Mentioned on libwww-perl that I had changed the classes around lots.