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Changes for version 0.32

  • Stop skipping SvROK handling for all magical scalars. This fixes RT issues 67105, 79730 and 80201 (FLORA).
  • making the Changes file compliant to the CPAN::Changes spec (GARU).
  • Fixing tests when Scalar::Util::weaken is not available. As a result, tests should now pass even in odd OpenBSD versions (GARU).
  • removed dubious documentation on the optional parameter until it is 'fixed'. Right now it just increases the refcount when it's 0, and clones otherwise (which isn't exactly what it says). This fixes RT issue 57773 (GARU).
  • updated remark on Storable's dclone() to address RT issue 50174 (GARU)
  • updated Makefile.PL to include test dependencies (GARU)
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  • Clone - recursively copy Perl datatypes