Changes for version 0.42

  • Fixed a bug that crashed Padre while moving panels with outline enabled (GARU)
  • The Directory browser hidden files support now automatically recognises intermediate directories (blib etc) in Perl distributions, and correctly ignores them (ADAMK)
  • Various performance improvements to directory tree (ADAMK)
  • New search engine coupled to directory tree with some regex characters support (GABRIELMAD)
  • Initial Padre actions support which means an action can be re-used by anything running on Padre. Keyboard shortcut conflict warnings are implemented (AZAWAWI)
  • Added the "Artistic" and "COPYING" (GPLv1) files as well a note to the "README" about licensing per the request of the maintainers. (SHLOMIF)
  • Added a "right margin" option which will show a line at the specified column (BRICAS)
  • Now new files belong to the project from where they were created till they are saved (GABRIELMAD)
  • Directory Tree shows the project directory or if none file is opened the default projects directory (configurable in Preferences > Behavior
  • none configured, default is user's documents directory) (GABRIELMAD)
  • Install some of the examples in the share directory and add an Open Example menu option (SZABGAB)
  • Adding Padre::Wx->add_pane_info convenience method to prevent the need for the stupid ugly Wx::AuiPaneInfo method chaining (ADAMK)
  • Create the Left panel and moved the Directory tool into it (ADAMK)
  • Upgrade Wx tree navigation to handle detached floating panels (ADAMK)
  • Implemented Smart Highlighting. Double click on a word to select it and a green squiggle will be shown for each matching word (AZAWAWI)
  • Now users can choose which is the project directory that Directory Tree must show (GABRIELMAD)
  • Moved close operations into Close... submenu (ADAMK)
  • Added "Close This Project" to close all open files in the same project as the current file (ADAMK)
  • Added "Close Other Projects" to close all open files in projects other than the project of the current file (ADAMK)
  • Changed a bunch of documentation from using items or comma-separation to using =head3 pod entries (ADAMK)
  • Adding new Blue Morpho logo (ADAMK)
  • Removed dependency on, it was only there to shut up the DIE: warnings (ADAMK)
  • Removed dependency on Test::Most, and with it about 5-10 other excessive test-related dependencies (ADAMK)
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