Changes for version 0.43

  • Revised nice splash screen slightly. Move original artwork to Padre-Artwork (BRAMBLE)
  • Added a (hopefully) nice splash screen for Padre (GARU)
  • Added a Padre::Perl API for discovering the location of the system Perl in a way smart enough to handle people that specifically need a command line Perl, or specifically need a windowing Perl (ADAMK)
  • Temporarily remove PAR support (ADAMK)
  • Upgrade the plugin internals to support arbitrary class names, simplifying the implementation and clearing the way for Acme::Padre::Plugin::* modules. (ADAMK)
  • Updated PPI dependencies. Padre now supports 5.10 syntax in PPI-based features (ADAMK)
  • Find dialog now uses the Padre::Search API. (ADAMK)
  • New multiple-tabbed About box (ADAMK)
  • F3 with sub-line selected text converts it directly into an active search without needing to invoke the Find dialog (ADAMK)
  • Moved Perl 6 Help dialog to Padre core as "Help/Help Search" (AZAWAWI)
  • Help/Help Search now supports Perl 5 (AZAWAWI)
  • Moved Ecliptic's Open Resource to Padre core as "Search/Open Resource" (AZAWAWI)
  • Moved Ecliptic's Quick Menu Access to Padre core as "Search/Quick Menu Access" (AZAWAWI)
  • Fixed run command in a separate window bug on win32 (AZAWAWI)
  • Moved Ecliptic's "Open in file browser" to Padre core as "File/Open in File Browser" and integrated it with Directory browser (AZAWAWI)
  • Moved functionality in Perl 5 plugin to Plugins -> Module Tools (ADAMK)
  • Implemented "Edit / Next Problem" (AZAWAWI)
  • Force setting of document (MIME) type when using New->Perl 5 test (#476) (KARL.FORNER) (SZABGAB)
  • Make sure coloring is update when save-as file or when opening a new file from template. (SZABGAB)
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