Changes for version 0.44

  • Help Search now supports perlopref.pod parsing - Perl operator reference (AZAWAWI)
  • Fixed various "Help Search" dialog bugs for perlvars and CORE modules (AZAWAWI)
  • "Directory Browser" stability fixes (AZAWAWI)
  • Refactored "Help Search" to use document help providers. This will make it faster (AZAWAWI)
  • Help Search looks up words selected or under the cursor (AZAWAWI)
  • allow the use of $main->open_file_dialog($dir) (SZABGAB)
  • Moved Ecliptic's Quick Fix to Padre core under the Edit menu (AZAWAWI)
  • Enable the F12 Save as shortcut again (SZBAGAB)
  • Added Perl 5 Quick Fix for 'use strict; use warnings;' (AZAWAWI)
  • Added Insert submenu and dialog, moved snippets into insert submenu (TEEJAY)
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