Revision history for Perl extension Tk::StayOnTop.

0.11 2004/04/27 Major reworking according to suggestions from Slaven Rezic.
                Will use the "-toplevel => 1" attribute on Win32 Tk >= 804.027
		Will use NET_WM_STATE_STAYS_ON_TOP property on KDE/Gnome, etc
		Now requires the Switch module (for case statements)
		Bumped the version number a lot to reflect how much has changed.

0.03 2002/09/10 Added more comments for the Win32::API call.
                Thanks again to Rich Skidmore

0.02 2002/09/09 Fixed constants in Win32 implementation of dontStayOnTop
                Thanks to Rich Skidmore for this.

0.01 2002/08/22 Original version.