Lincoln D. Stein

Changes for version 2.55

  • Better detection and handling of render slaves that have gone now. If all slaves are down then throws an error (once) and then reverts to local rendering for a period of time.
  • Updated installer to give dire warning if installing into /usr/local/apache and there doesn't appear to be an apache instance there.
  • Support truetype fonts (need Bio::Graphics 2.33 or higher; set truetype=1 in GBrowse.conf, and optionally pass font names like "Helvetica-12:Italic" to the track "font" option).
  • Clicking on the "Go" button when an annotation plugin is selected now turns on the corresponding track.
  • Clicking on the "Go" button when a filter plugin is selected opens up the configuration dialog.
  • Added Juan Tena's script, which is useful for uploading WIG files from genomes with lots of scaffolds.
  • Fix performance problems when using in-memory databases composed of multiple GFF3 files. The fix is a hack that involves overwriting the Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store::LoadHelper module!
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