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Changes for version 0.11

  • This is quite a large list for this release and will be the first cpan release. The later releases will hopefully happen often and won't be quite as large.
    • subroutine calls carp when an error occurs or when an element cannot be found
    • if an element cannot be found, carp should tell you which line in your local script where the element was not found
    • added the following driver api calls click,double_click,button_down,button_up,close,status, send_modifier,execute_script,execute_async_script
    • fixed the following api calls refresh,delete_cookie_named
    • $element->get_value is deprecated... subroutine now points to get_attribute('value')
    • added the following element api calls describe
    • added initial IDE plugin for the Selenium-IDE (this is based off the Rspec webdriver ide plugin)
    • Added "extra_capabilities" named argument to the driver
    • make send_keys accept one or more string argument
    • added javascript method to driver (thanks Phil Kania!)
    • fixed issue: check for empty string before trying to decode
    • fixed issue: if script using the module ever forked, the driver would call quit whenever that fork was closed
    • fixed issue: Marked as deprecated: WebElement::set_selected and WebElement::toggle
    • fixed issue: global $driver variable in WebElement caused the remote connection to be destroyed before the driver was able to call quit()
    • fixed issues:
      • improper definition of setImplicitWaitTimeout
      • Driver.pm: missing 'css' entry in FINDERS
      • Driver.pm::find_elements: set up $using correctly (thanks Phil Mitchell!)
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