March 25, 1996

Former is a CGI script that is used for processing forms. It is 
geared toward producing highly configurable forms without the
need of writing a script each time a form is needed. 

All the documentation for Former is in Perl POD format inside
the file. 


Installation of Former is straight forward. 

	1. Insure that at least perl 5.001m is installed.
	2. Insure that the following perl modules are installed:
		+ CGI
		+ MailTools
		+ Msql 
	3. Copy the file over to your perl lib area.
	4. Copy to your cgi-bin directory. 
	5. Edit cgi-bin/ and specify where your perl 
	   executable is. 
After that, it is just start using Former.

Former is just a CGI script. It is invoked as:


It is that easy.....
I have include a simple example of the config file and the 
FDF file (form2.conf and form2.def). Very simple mind you.

Former is now in a constant state of flux. Mostly it is getting 
new code to include new ways of processing forms. If you have 
ideas, forward them on to me.

Gerard Hickey (