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Revision history for Math-FractionManip

0.5504 2022-10-23 11:29:40
    - Fix copyright.
    - Avoid implicit imports.

0.5503 2020-04-25 13:11:47
    - Remove questionable tests that attempted to compare floats for the ** and sqrt operations.

0.5502 2020-04-24 09:38:15
    - Re-add the removed tests and sprintf() them.

0.5501 2020-04-24 09:30:01
    - Remove two tests that will usually fail and are not strictly necessary.

0.5500 2020-04-23 17:51:18
    - Remove possibly crusty, broken code upon which *-ld cpantesters were choking.
    - Rework tests for ** and sqrt.

0.5403 2020-04-22 03:19:23
    - Improve documentation.
    - Add legacy changes from Math::Fraction to this file.
    - Add tests.

0.5402 2020-04-22 02:55:41
    - Improve documentation.

0.5401 2020-04-22 01:40:35
    - Fix ambiguous abs() calls.

0.5400 2020-04-22 01:05:29
    - Resurrect from the original Math::Fraction.
    - Clean-up code formatting and documentation grammar.
    - Add tests.


Revision history for Perl extension Math::Fraction.

.1a (1 March 1997) Original Release

.2a (2 March 1997) Many Internal Changes:
       Fixed reduce method so it no longer needs a list of primes after
         discovering a method in the BigInt module
       Modified + and * routines to work with as small numbers of possible
         after reading the fraction section of Knuth's "The Art of Computer
         Programming" v2 book that I checked out thanks to the reference
         in the BigInt module
       Modified - and / routines to with take the negative or receptacle 
         of the second fraction and then use the + and - method respectively
       (And when I was browsing the list I also discovered, but
         not a  Oh well I guess I reinvent the real a bit but
         I think I created a better one.  I plan to eventually have it is
         the BigInt package to work with arbitrary size fractions.)
       Changed the behavior of the MIXED method slightly so that it will
         display "8/9" instead of "0 8/9"
       Fixed it so that all the internal functions calls will return list
         instead of fraction objects, simplifies things internally
       Created a separate internal reduce function that the reduce method
         calls and created a separate internal function to simplify signs.
         Also fixed it so all new fractions will automatically have their signs
         simplified (ie 1/-2 will become -1/2 and -1/-2 will become 1/2);
       And probably a few more that I forgot to mention.

.21a (3 March 97) Fixed the strange decimal conversion behavior.

.211a (3 Match 97) Fixed % by zero bug

.22a (3 March 97) Added demo a demo subroutine to the test script.

.3a (8 March 97) First Version to be Uploaded to CPAN.
   Renamed to Math::Fraction
   Added Default tags
   Added Using arbitrary sized numbers.
.4a (24 March 97)
  Changed the structure of a Fraction object to now have a 'frac' part and a
    'tags' part.
  Fixed the _from_decimal sub to work properly recognize large repeating
     floats properly.
  Added support for default sets so that functions can have the own private
     set of default values.
  Added a new AUTO which when set will convert the fraction from SMALL
     to BIG as needed.
  Fixed the modify_tag so that it will convert the fraction to reflect the
     new tags.
  And a lot of other minor bugs fixed.

.5b (17 Dec 97)
  Changed from an Alpha release to a Beta release because I have not herd of
      any problems yet.
  Converted the Manual into POD format
  Fixed the module so it has a proper install procedure.
  Modified the copyright a bit to be less intimidating.
  Changed the Demo Script a bit so it would display better in the manual page.

.51b (18 Dec 97)
  Fixed bug in which the whole number part of repeating decimals was ignored

  Fixed error in the EXAMPLES section of the manual due to the fixing of the
      repeating decimal error
  Added the RAW tag which will always include the sign
  Minor corrections to the manual

.53b (2 Feb 98)
  Fixed a bug where negative mixed fractions will come out as -1 -1/4
      instead of -1 1/4.
  Fixed a bug so that frac(0,MIXED) will return 0 and not a 0 length string.