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Torsten Raudssus
Text::Zilla - Generating files as easy as possible
Text::Zilla::Dir - A base directory container
Text::Zilla::File - A base file
Text::Zilla::Role::Dir - Required role for all directories
Text::Zilla::Role::Dir::Base - Minimum implementation for a dir
Text::Zilla::Role::Dir::ShortBase - Minimum implementation for a dir with shorter function names
Text::Zilla::Role::Dir::Stash - Directory which has a stash
Text::Zilla::Role::File - Required role for all files
Text::Zilla::Role::File::Base - Minimum implementation for a file
Text::Zilla::Role::File::ShortBase - Minimum implementation for a file with shorter function names
Text::Zilla::Role::MetaClass - I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my spout
Text::Zilla::Role::Rights - Role for the rights of a file
Text::Zilla::Types - Type library for Text::Zilla
Changes for version 0.002
    • Added ShortBase and made it default
    • Added pathentry test

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