2.0.98 29-Mar-2009
	- Preparation for version 3.0
	- refactoring code to use with ExtUtilis::MakeMaker and install a proper
	  Perl module 
	- updated README
	- fixed sandbox_action to support 'send_kill'
2.0.18 22-Mar-2009
	- added change_port script to installed sandboxes
	- added 'port' operation to sbtool
	- added --new_port option to sbtool
2.0.17 15-Mar-2009
	- improved sbtool error checking
	- improved sbtool built-in help
	- added "report-port" to replication slave setup
2.0.16 14-Mar-2009
	- added 'copy' option to sbtool, to clone a sandbox data directory into another.
2.0.15 09-Mar-2009
	- added "report-host" option to slave creation
	- fixed server_id for values larger than 10. Instead of folding from 109
	  to 100, it was doing 109 to 1010.
2.0.15 19-Feb-2009
	- added sbtool, a multi purpose program to do administrative tasks
	  with the sandbox. Supported operations: port list, replication tree,
	  moving single and multiple sandboxes
2.0.14 08-Feb-2009
	- added code to the "clear" script to truncate the table logs if they
	- improved error messages when using wrong directories or tarballs
	- added a "change_paths" script to change the sandbox paths quickly
	  when moving the sandbox to a new location.
2.0.13 27-Jan-2009
	- added parameters to "start" and "restart" scripts. If you pass an option,
	  it will be passed directly to mysqld_safe. e.g. "start --log=mylog.log"
	- fixed bug in test_sandbox.pl. Using "ls -d /path/*/" doesn't work on
	  Solaris. Replaced with a more robust routine.
	- Allow the unpacking of tarballs to work on Solaris if "gtar" is found.
2.0.12 16-Oct-2008
	- Fixed small bug in 'clear' script. When the server is not responsive,
	  it was calling the wrong 'kill' script
	- Applied Greg Haase patch to fix a bug in --datadir_from=dir:xxxx
2.0.11 05-Oct-2008
	- Fixed bug#278394, "character '-' in database names" (added backticks to
	'clear' script)
	- added a command to change read attributes inside expanded tarballs
	  to avoid a possible failure in MySQL test suite, should a user run it
2.0.10 27-Aug-2008
	- fixed minor bug in make_multiple_sandbox and make_replication_sandbox
	  when passing additional parameters. No space were added at the end.
	  Further parameters were glued together, resulting in a startup error.
	- added NODE_OPTIONS to work in make_replication_sandbox (it adds options
2.0.9 22-Aug-2008
	- fixed bug#260265 "installation fails with log-error option and version < 5"
	  - removed "log-error" from default file
	  - added this option conditionally only if major version > 4
2.0.8 16-Aug-2008
	- fixed problem with "~" not being expanded as $HOME
	- fixed problem with not existent path for tarball
	- fixed bug#258523 Mysql Sandbox looks for tar.gz in wrong location
	  in make_replication_sandbox, make_sandbox, make_multiple_sandbox,
	  make_multiple_custom_sandbox, and in the test suite
	- fixed minor problem in MyScripts.pm. log-slow-queries was misspelled,
	  although commented.
2.0.7 06-Aug-2008
	- added shortcut option "--circular=N" to make_replication_sandbox
	  corresponding to "--topology=circular --how_many_nodes=N"
	- added Falcon creation to smoke test (if version >= 6)
2.0.6 20-Jul-2008
	- added "check_slaves" script to replication sandboxes
2.0.5 14-Jul-2008
	- added named error log to configuration file
	- add removal of *.err-old files in "clear" script
	- Fixed bug in circular replication. Unnecessary initialization
	  after stop_all. Added the same check used in standard replication
	- fixed bug in circular replication. start_all and
	  set_circular_replication.sh were not stopping and starting the
	  slaves in the righ order.
	- improved 'stop' script. If the server is a slave, calls "stop slave"
	  before closing down.
2.0.4 12-Jul-2008
	- fixed bug in test suite. Parameter passing to check routine 
      was often failing on negative tests. Added subroutine prototype
	  to fix the problem.
2.0.3 12-Jul-2008
	- Fixed smoke test bugs in test suite.
	  - fixed race condition while checking the pid file
	  - added cleanup of extracted binary with smoke test
	  - added stricter check for InnoDB tables
	- added some replication tests to test suite
2.0.2 6-Jul-2008
	- Fixed minor bugs in low_level_make_sandbox. 
	  - When started with --force and --load grants, it said that it 
	    failed to comply. In fact, the grants were already loaded.
	  - when started with --force, it invokes $sandbox_dir/start
	    without checking if such script exists
2.0.1 5-Jul-2008
	- fixed minor bug on test suite. It fails on Solaris with "ps -ea". Changed
	  to "ps -ef"
	- added README.wiki
	- added "smoke" test to test suite
	- added --no_confirm to all single sandbox testing
2.0.0 2-Jul-2008
	- fixed minor bug in generated scripts. Removed bash-specific operator
1.99.10 1-Jul-2008
	- Fixed bug in test suite. Process count was not taking into account the
	  pre-test processes.
	- Fixed bug in test suite. Portability. ps was being used with non
	  portable options.
    - added --prompt_body option to low_level_make_sandbox
	- added $SANDBOX_BINARY environment variable, to replace default
	- fixed error message of make_sandbox when invoked without options
	- added a check in make_sandbox to make sure that we are using GNU tar.
1.99.9 30-Jun-2008
	- Fixed bug #244236 (low_level_make_sandbox accepts unnecessary arguments)
	- Fixed bug in low_level_make_sandbox. sandbox_home was not checked
	  for correctness. It is a simple name, and it should not accept 
	  full paths.
	  home_directory was not supposed to be home. Its name is misleading, and
	  thus it was changed to upper_directory.
	- Fixed typos in README
	- Initial fix for bug #239630 (possible failure on non-GNU tar)
	- fixed script names in "sandbox" script
    - (Thanks to John Embretsen for most of the reports on today's changes)
1.99.8 29-Jun-2008
	  $HOME/sandboxes is now the default SANDBOX_HOME, which users
	  however can override.
	  "multi_cmd" was renamed "use_all" for name consistency
	- added a call to low_level_make_sandbox --help when 
	  make_sandbox is invoked without the proper syntax.
	- README has been completely rewritten
	- added a ./docs directory with the README.pod source for README
	- added POD to ./sandbox script, to show the documentation
	  when called as "./sandbox manual|help"
1.99.7 28-Jun-2008
	- added configurable options for test suite
	  users can now choose which versions and which tests to run
	  from the command line
	- removed deprecated test_sandbox.sh
	- moved test suite to ./tests directory
	- added tests/README
	- improved "stop" script by combining it with the "kill" script
	- adjusted make_dist script to use the ./test directory
	- improved test suite with the ability of running from one or more
	  tarballs instead of the default directories ([$HOME]/opt/mysql)
1.99.6 28-Jun-2008
	- enhanced the "clear" script. Now it removes all databases form the
	  data directory, first trying via SQL, then using the OS.
	- added tests to the test suite to check on this feature
1.99.5 27-Jun-2008
	  make_sandbox renamed low_level_make_sandbox
	  easy_sandbox renamed make_sandbox
	- fixed bug in make_replication_sandbox (base port was not isolated)
	- added test for circular replication
	- improved testing for number of processes in the test suite
	- added circular replication features to make_multiple_sandbox 
	  with options --master_master and --circular (this should not be
	  used directly)
	- added circular replication features to make_replication_sandbox
	  with options --master_master and --topology={standard|circular} .
	  This feature uses make_multiple_sandbox internally. 
	- circular replication uses a separate directory name and port
	- fixed bug in make_multiple_sandbox. It did not use the $SANDBOX_HOME
1.99.4 21-Jun-2008
	- added more extensive test suite in Perl 
	- fixed bug in make_multiple_custom_sandbox (install directory was not set
	  when calling easy_sandbox)
1.99.3 21-Jun-2008
	  all Perl script names were changed to make them more intuitive
		install.pl -> make_sandbox
		express_install.pl -> easy_sandbox
		set_replication.pl -> make_replication_sandbox
		set_many -> make_multiple_sandbox
		set_custom_many.pl -> make_multiple_custom_sandbox
	- created a './sandbox' script that lists all applications and eventually
	  executes the one that is passed as argument
	- mapped "stop" script to faster and safer "kill" script
	- replaced "sleep 3" with a loop + timeout in shell scripts
	- removed "sleep" commands from Perl scripts
	- fixed bug in get_help() : parse_options were not passed to the $msb object
1.99.2 20-Jun-2008
	- fixed minor bug. mysql_install_db script in some cases is
	  found in the "bin" directory rather than "scripts"
	- added ability to log start operations into a log file
1.99.1 19-Jun-2008
	- added "kill" script to each sandbox
	- replace call to "stop" with "kill" in "clear" script
1.99.0 15-Jun-2008
	- Started new development branch for Sandbox 2.0
	- added MySandbox.pm module, to use the same routines across scripts
1.22 15-Jun-2008
	- added support for default options file ($HOME/.msandboxrc)
	- fixed minor bug in set_replication.pl. Added #master to multi_cmd
	- fixed bug related to location of sample option files. The installer
	  was only looking under "./support-files" while recent packaging use
    - fixed Bug#240121, with a collision between my_file and replication.
	- added the execution of a "./clear" command when "--force" was used
	  to avoid overwriting a running server.
	- cleaned up current_changes to contain only not empty options
	- created a basic test suite (not in distribution yet, only in RCS)
1.21 09-Jun-2008
	- added SANDBOX_HOME environmental variable to override $HOME
	- default sandbox home is now $HOME/sandboxes (if exists) or else
	  it is $HOME, as before
	- added scripts to start/stop/clear/use all sandboxes at once (if
1.20 11-Apr-2008
	- Added set_custom_many.pl to install different versions of the server
	  in one go. (Thanks to Ronald Bradford for the idea)
	- enhanced "multi_cmd" to say which server is running
	- added support for MYCLIENT_OPTION user variable to pass
	  options to the client (./use and ./multi_cmd)
1.19 06-Apr-2008
	- changed installer files so that they can be called from 
	  outside the installation directory.
1.18 02-Apr-2008 
	- Fixed bug in set_many and set_replication. Undefined group directory 
	  when setting custom port
	- Added help to ./express_install
1.17 16-Mar-2008 (not released)
	- fixed minor bug in "clear: script. It did not remove subdirectories in
	  test db
	- fixed minor bug on the choice od source dir. If $HOME/opt/mysql exists,
	  it is preferred to /opt/mysql
1.16 04-Jan-2008 (not released)
    - added stronger check on the result of mysql_install_db.
	- added removal of general log files and falcon files with 
	  the "clear" command.
1.15 09-Dec-2007
	- fixed bug in grants.mysql. Removed anonymous users 
	  from mysql.db
	- added $HOME/opt/mysql as possible default for binaries.
	- added proxy_start script to start a MySQL Proxy instance
	  using the sandboxed server

1.14 24-Oct-2007
	- added a set_many.pl command to create several servers
	  not in replication
	- fixed bug in replication ports assignment. Two replication
	  systems using adjacent versions (e.g. 5.1.22 and 5.1.23) would
	  have clashing port numbers.

1.13 23-Oct-2007
	- (INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE) removed '.sh' suffix from all scripts
	- added version differentiation to replication port and
	  directory. Instead of being always the same, now they 
	  are based on the version number, unless modified by
	  the user.
	- added a multi_cmd script to the replication system,
	  to send a query to each node.
	- added a 'my' script to call mysql* tools
	- fixed bug about using 6.0 binaries on Mac OS X (dynamic library
	  path requires a different environment variable)
	- fixed bug in replication. After a "clear_all", the replication
	  did not start again. Added a "initialize_slaves" script that
	  get called by "start_all" if a clear_all was called.

1.12 17-Oct-2007
	- hidden mysql_install_db output on successful execution
	- fixed argument handling bug in replication scripts

1.11 16-Oct-2007
	- all shell scripts are now created from install.pl (not copied)
	- changed default username, password, and sandbox directory name
	- forbid using a relative path of tarball

1.10 16-Oct-2007 (not released)
	- fixed bug on mysql_install_db usage 

1.9 15-Oct-2007 (not released)
	- deprecated the 'archive' method of installation and removed
	  the compressed data directories
	- express_install can now expand a server tarball.
	- added support for replicated servers (set_replication.pl)
	  using CHANGE MASTER TO rather than replication options
	- added 'load_grants' option to install.pl
	- added 'prompt_prefix' option to install.pl
	- fixed bug about client library not being available due
	  to LD_LIBRARY_PATH not set

1.8 14-Sep-2007
	- Added support for MySQL 6.0

1.7 05-Jul-2006 (not released)
    - Added support for Mysql 5.2-alpha

1.6 27-May-2006
    - Added 'my_clause' command line option to define my.cnf file parameters;
    - changed interactive routine to allow multi-item options;
    - changed the shell scripts to be less bash specific. the sandbox
      should be now more cross-platform than before.
      During the installation, if bash is not found, then tcsh is used.
    - new Tutorial available at http://datacharmer.org/#tutorials
    - bugs fixed:
        -- clear.sh was using $HOME directory instead of _HOME_DIR_
        -- install_version calculated by express_install.pl could be lower
           than 1024.
        -- install_version was added twice when loading options from
           'current_options.conf' (Thanks to Imran Chaudhry for reporting it)

1.5 24-May-2006
    - added 'back' and 'quit' keywords in interactive mode
    - added express_install.pl, to install quickly from a binary package
    - Bug fixed. 'start.sh' and 'stop.sh' scripts where using
	  the actual $HOME dorectory instead of the user's defined

1.4 17-May-2006 (not released)
    - added support for 3.23, 4.0 and 4.1 installs
    - default install is now 5.0
    - default addition of version to sandbox directory name
    - added option "no_ver_after_name" to control the above change

1.3 05-May-2006
    - added "interactive" option to install through a sort of a wizard 
    - added current_options.conf  to record the options used for installing
    - fix bug in configuration file

1.2 02-May-2006
    - minor bug fixes 

1.1 19-Apr-2006
    - added multiple sources for data directory

1.0 18-Apr-2006
    - initial release.